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Intended Audience:

K-12 Teachers, Professional Development Coordinators, Curriculum Writers, Building and District Administrators


This PowerPoint is designed to introduce the K-8 and High School Publishers’ Criteria written by the authors of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  The PowerPoint goes through the what, why and how of the Publishers’ Criteria as well as the ten criteria for mathematics curriculum and the one additional criteria for integration with other disciplines.

Suggested Use for these Documents:

  1. Curriculum Directors and Writers can use this PowerPoint to lead a discussion of the necessary components of a quality mathematics curriculum.
  2. Administrators can use this to introduce the publishers’ criteria rubric. The rubric can be used to evaluate current and future curricular materials.
  3. Teachers can use the criteria to adapt their own curricular material.

Materials Necessary:

  1. Publishers’ Criteria PowerPoint
  2. K-8 and High School Publishers’ Criteria for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, available for download at http://www.corestandards.org/resources

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