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About KIDS

KIDS: Kindergarten Individual Development Survey

Evidence suggests that a young child’s development in key domains—including social and emotional learning, language and literacy, mathematics, and approaches to learning—correlate to long-term education outcomes. Understanding individual children’s readiness when they arrive at kindergarten allows educators and families employ a strengths-based approach, building from what children know and can do.

KIDS focuses four learning domains—Approaches to Learning and Self-Regulation; Social and Emotional Development; Language and Literacy Development; Cognition: Math.  State law requires all kindergarten teachers statewide to Illinois observe students on 14 Required Measures of Readiness in the first forty days of kindergarten. Teachers use the observations to place each child’s abilities on the KIDS’ development continuums and enter the information in KIDStech, a secure online system. For the first time in Illinois, KIDS provides a consistent statewide portrait of kindergarten readiness

Following are tools and resources to support districts and teachers in implementing KIDS.

KIDSTech Teacher Log-In

 Administrators & Teachers Toolkit


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