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Framing Services for English Learners in Illinois

The purpose of this framework is to guide districts in designing comprehensive, research based services for kindergarten through 12th grade English learners that meet the federal Title VI requirements of equitable and meaningful access to education, as well as Illinois state requirements under the Illinois School Code Article 14C. This framework presents an overview of factors that districts and other public education centers should consider when developing effective educational services for English learners. It provides a detailed description of the legal requirements as stated in the Illinois School Code Article 14C as well as the Illinois Administrative Code Part 228. English learners are the collective responsibility of districts and all stakeholders within those districts. District administrators, school leaders, teachers, and other instructional personnel, in collaboration with the parents and the community at large, must develop a cohesive and systemic support structure to meet the varying needs of all students, particularly English learners. The core of this framework is the service design cycle which encompasses a detailed description of instructional designs, service delivery models and proven effective strategies.

This document addresses programs for English learners in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We acknowledge that programs for English learners in preschool, gifted, and special education, merit attention as well. These are areas we hope to address in the future through additions to this document.​


 EL Framing Services Toolkit

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