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Per Executive Order 2020-10, Educator Effectiveness team members are working remotely. In order to continue issuing licenses and other endorsements in a timely fashion, please send licensure documents to licensureforms@isbe.net and official transcripts to transcripts@isbe.net. Should you have a question about licensure, please contact your Regional Office of Education or please visit ​the Contact Licensure webpage​​.​​​

​​The information provided on the following links is designed to provide educators with the information needed to become a licensed teacher in the state of Illinois, as well as opportunities for experienced teachers to expand his or her qualifications. Stay up to date with changes in requirements and rules / legislation.

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Executive Order 2020-31

On April 24, 2020, Governor Pritzker signed an Executive Order making changes to requirements for Illinois Professional Educator Licensure. Those specific changes are outlined in the language of the order, posted below, and are expanded upon in the other materials here.

COVID-19 Licensure Requirements Q&A Webinar

The agency recently hosted two webinars for IHEs and educator preparation candidates. The webinars discussed frequently asked questions and specific scenarios related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recordings of the webinars and their slide presentations are below. Please see the materials and Q&As above for answers to your questions about educator licensure during this time.

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