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Intended Audience:

6-12 Teachers, Professional Development Coordinators, and District Administrators


Unfortunately, Common Core State Standards in Mathematics do not come with anti-anxiety agents for educators responsible for implementing new Common Core curriculum, instructional strategies and common assessments; that is an uncommon challenge for all of us as the best and brightest. The good news: High quality mathematics learning and teaching is still a high priority. What do we keep, what do we move, and what do we cut or trim? The Illinois Common Core State Standards in Mathematics provide unprecedented, extraordinary opportunities!

Dr. Alan Zollman developed and delivered this Keynote for the 2012 Regional Common Core Math Conference in Rockford, IL. The presentations are available below.

K-5 Version
6-12 Version

Suggested Use for these Documents:

  1. School-based Professional Learning
  2. Communities Grade Level Team Discussion and Reflection
  3. Individual Teacher Review and Reflection

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