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**Applications submitted prior to February 1, 2018 will be evaluated under these requirements**

More information regarding changes here: The Future of Illinois Middle GradesPDF Document

 Specific 6 Hour Middle Grade Coursework Requirement

Effective July 1, 1997

To add a middle school endorsement to a license, an applicant must complete six semester hours of middle school professional coursework in the following areas:

  • 3 semester hours of coursework in middle school philosophy, curriculum, and instructional methods for designing and teaching developmentally appropriate programs in the middle grades, including content area reading instruction;


  • 3 semester hours of coursework in educational psychology focusing on the developmental characteristics of early adolescents and the role of the middle grade teacher in assessment, coordination, and referral of students to health and social services.

In the sidebar are links to universities with courses that have been pre-approved​

Because coursework varies at different universities, please contact a teacher education institution to determine the specific courses offered to fulfill these requirements.

Universities offer middle grades courses in varying approaches. Some universities offer specific, individual courses to meet the middle grades requirements. Others infuse the content throughout several courses; in this situation, all the courses will have to be taken to meet the requirement. The applicant should be certain to understand the approach taken by the university where the applicant has enrolled

 Middle School Content Area Coursework Requirement

If you hold:​ Middle school endorsement grade range:
Early Childhood education (B-3) Must complete an approved programPDF Document
Elementary education (K-9) Grades 5 - 8
Secondary education (6-12) Grades 6 - 8
Special (K-12 or PK-21) Grades 5 - 8

Note:  ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL ENDORSEMENTS require six semester hours of middle school professional education coursework (see above) ​in addition to the content requirements listed below.

Endorsement Requirements​
Agricultural Education
  • 18 semester hours
  • 18 semester hours
Bilingual Education
(Language required)
Biological Science
  • 18 semester hours
  • 18 semester hours
Computer Applications
  • 18 semester hours
Computer Science
  • 18 semester hours
  • 18 semester hours
English as a Second Language
Family & Consumer Science
  • 18 semester hours
Foreign Language
(Language required)
General Science
  • 18 semester hours with coursework in both physical & biological sciences
General Geography
  • 18 semester hours of geography (physical and cultural geography will be accepted)
Gifted Education Teacher
Health Education
  • 18 semester hours
Industrial Technology Education
  • 18 semester hours
Language Arts
  • 18 semester hours
Library Information Specialist
  • 18 semester hours
Physical Education
  • 18 semester hours
Physical Science
  • 18 semester hours
Reading Teacher
Social Science
  • 18 semester hours
  • 18 semester hours
  • 18 semester hours with coursework in both Speech and Theatre
Technology Specialist
(Computer Related)
  • 18 semester hours​

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