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On or after February 1, 2018, all educators (endorsed in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Middle Grades, Secondary Education, K-12, or PK-21) seeking a Middle Grades endorsement in the following areas needs to meet the requirements listed.  

​​This includes educators seeking a “new” (first ever) OR “subsequent” (additional) endorsement. 
Additionally, educators holding only a Jr High endorsement would be eligible to attain these endorsements under the requirements listed.  

These endorsements are exceptions to other available middle grades endorsements as educators are not teaching specific content to students, but utilizing best practices and differentiation strategies to assist students with the content they are learning. 
Endorsement Requirements​
Bilingual Education
  • 18 semester hours with a distribution​
  • 100 clock hours (or 3 months teaching experience) in a bilingual setting
  • Appropriate Target Language Proficiency test
  • General Middle Grades test*
English as a Second Language 
  • ​18 semester hours with a distribution
  • 100 clock hours (or 3 months teaching experience) in an ESL setting​
  • General Middle Grades test*
Gifted Education
  • ​24 semester hours with a distribution
  • Gifted Education (312) test
  • General Middle Grades test*
Learning Behavior Specialist (LBSI)
  • Coursework in 4 LBSI distribution areas
  • LBSI (155) test
  • General Middle Grades test*
Reading Teacher
  • 24 semester hours with a distribution​
  • Reading Teacher (177) or Reading Specialist (176) test\
  • General Middle Grades test*
*The General Middle Grades test can be waived with 1 year of teaching experience in grades 5-8 or a passing score on the Elementary/Middle Grades (110) test.
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