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The prototype Invitation for Bid and Contract is for use by a school food authority (SFA) initiating a new contract with an FSMC to provide meal services for the National School Lunch and/or School Breakfast Programs. The document, provided by the Illinois State Board of Education Nutrition and Wellness Programs Division, will assist the SFA in obtaining competitive bids and awarding the contract to the responsible bidder whose bid is responsive and lowest in price.

There are two prototype contracts available below. The first prototype should be used if food service management company employees prepare and cook school meals that are not pre-packaged/pre-plated. The second prototype should be used if the contractor’s employees are responsible for the management of the program and/or the final preparation and/or serving of pre-packaged/pre-plated school meals. If you are not sure which type of contract you have or you are considering contracting for the first time, please contact our office for further information and clarification (800-545-7892).

To ensure continued funding and compliance with federal and state regulations and statutes regarding procurement, it is extremely important for you to download and read the instructions thoroughly prior to downloading the contract prototype.

Don't forget to include the required submission and contract certification forms found on the previous page.

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