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​The Illinois State Board of Education is committed to supporting schools and educators that enable every child to graduate from high school college and career ready.  Going to college?  Enlisting?  Looking for a job?  Undecided?  Below you will find resources to help you as you plan for your next steps after graduation.

 What college should I choose?

  • ILCollege2CareerPDF Document
    • A website for high-school students and parents to make more informed decisions about their higher education choices in Illinois.​
  • ISAC Student Portal
  • ISAC College Q&A
  • ISAC College and Career Exploration and Planning
    • Claim Your Future – ISAC’s financial literacy tool online game and resources.
    • The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) has countless tools to assist students; it's in their name! Click the link to learn more about what ISAC has to offer, like one-on-one mentoring, financial planning, and seasonal events. Check out the online tools for college planning that ISAC offers listed below:
      • College Greenlight – explore programs and majors, find schools, and learn more about admission.
      • College Match – get a list of schools across the country that match your qualifications.
      • Illinois Career Information System
        • The Illinois Career Information System (CIS) is a tool that you can use to find career resources. Learn about different occupations, training and schools, starting your own business, writing a resume, and more.
      • Learn More Earn MorePDF Document
        • Are you trying to decide between trade school and an associate's degree or an associate's degree and a bachelor's degree? Check out this resource from IDES to find out if you'll earn more in your occupation with a more advanced degree.
  • College Scorecard
    • Check out College Scorecard from the U.S. Department of Education to compare colleges and degree programs by cost, graduation rates, and average salaries after graduation. Know the facts so you can make smarter decisions about which college and degree program is right for you.
  • Illinois workNet​
    • Use Illinois workNet to explore careers, job training programs, and look up salaries. You can even build a resume, search for jobs, negotiate your salary and get tips on how to succeed in your new position.
  • College Board
    • Check out the College Board website to register for the ACT, search for colleges and scholarships, find your AP test scores, and so much more! The College Board website is a wealth of resources for future planning.
  • SAT Prep
    • College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to offer FREE Official SAT Practice. Take 8 official full-length practice tests, import your PSAT/NMSQT scores to pinpoint areas you need to practice, and study with thousands of practice questions, video lessons, and hints.

 What career is best for me?

  • PaCE FrameworkPDF Document
    • Starting in eighth grade, you'll be working to build an individualized learning plan to help you make decisions on careers, education, and more. Check out this resource to learn what you need to be doing each year to stay on track with your future planning.
  • PaCE Student Checklist
    • Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act
      • The Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act (PWRA) is a LAW that is all about helping you achieve college and career readiness by the time you graduate. See how PWR helps you become prepared for your future. ​​

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