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A comprehensive school counseling program is guided by standards and competencies for both students and counselors. School counselors provide a curriculum for all students based on the student standards & competencies found below. Additionally, school counselors are expected to uphold certain standards and competencies set forth by Illinois and the American School Counselor Association.​

 Student Standards & Competencies

​Student standards are linked to three overarching domains:
  • Academic
  • College/Career
  • Personal/Social
Illinois has adopted Social/Emotional standards as part of our Illinois Learning Standards.  Additionally, the Developmental Counseling Model for Illinois Schools and the American School Counselor Association's National Model include standards, goals, and competencies for Academic, Career and Personal/Social domains.

 Counselor Standards & Competencies

​The State of Illinois, ISCA, and ASCA set forth several standards and competencies for School Counselors.  These standards and competencies outline the Knowledge, Abilities and Skills, and Attitudes that are expected of School Counselors within School counseling programs in the domains of Foundation, Delivery, Management, Accountability, and Ethics.

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