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​​The information listed below is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we acknowledge that this information, though beneficial, may be outdated.

 Training Videos and Resources

​​The TOTAL Project series of multimedia training modules includes nine individual modules focused on research-based, best practices in transition planning and services for youth with disabilities. Each module is designed to stand alone or be used in conjunction with any or all of the other modules. Each module includes access to the video as well as access to an instructor’s guide, the PowerPoint slides, activities, handouts, additional reading, and resources. The PowerPoint slides for all nine modules have been updated for IDEA 2004; however, the video for Modules 1 - 4 were produced prior to its passage and reflects IDEA '97.

Videos listed on this page are streamed in the Real Video format. Each segment is open captioned for the hearing impaired.

 Module 1 - Federal and State Transition Requirements

​​Federal and State Transition Requirements was developed to increase understanding of the Federal and State transition requirements for students ages 14-21 who have Individualized Education Programs. All transition stakeholders should have a thorough understanding of the Federal and State IEP transition requirements and how to successfully implement them.​

 Module 2 - Person-Centered Planning

​​Person-Centered Planning was developed to:
  • introduce a planning process that focuses on individual capacities;
  • review tools that can be used to implement this process;
  • outline how using this process can enhance student self-determination and participation in the IEP/transition process; and
  • explain how to incorporate this process into the development of transition focused IEPs.

 Module 3 - Promoting Student Self-Determination

Promoting Student Self-Determination was developed to increase awareness of self-determination and to explore ways to facilitate self-determination in youth with disabilities. All transition stakeholders should have a thorough understanding of:

  • the critical role self-determination plays in successful transitions from school to adult life, the process leading toward self-determination;
  • the variety of roles families, teachers, administrators and service providers play in promoting self-determination; and,
  • the knowledge of a variety of resources that support the development of students' self-determination.

 Module 4 - Transition: Centerpiece of the IEP


Transition: Centerpiece of the IEP was developed to introduce an IEP transition planning process that utilizes interrelated steps that build upon each other. This method of developing the transition IEP focuses on preparation for the adult world. The end result is a comprehensive, dynamic and coordinated IEP transition program that reflects the student's vision for adult life.

 Module 5 - Implementation of Secondary Transition Best Practices

​​Implementation of Secondary Transition Best Practices has been developed to introduce a process that supports school district/community teams to conduct a self-assessment of their status in implementing transition best practices, and develop best practice implementation priorities through the use an action plan template to design a work plan that will assist them in improving secondary transition planning and services.

 Module 6 - Intera​gency Collaboration and Transition

​​Interagency Collaboration and Transition has been developed to increase the knowledge of transition stakeholders regarding collaboration, the development of interagency agreements and increase their ability to use strategies and implement models that will support and empower communities to come together as collaborative partners on behalf of youth with disabilities and their families to facilitate smooth, seamless and successful transitions.

 Module 7 - Adult Life Outcomes for Students with Disabilities: A World of Opportunity

Adult Life Outcomes for Students with Disabilities: A World of Opportunity has been developed to provide transition stakeholders with a look at the adult life outcomes that young adults with disabilities might consider and to provide a wide range of resources to support the planning, development and implementation of transition-focused Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

 Module 8 - SSI and Transition Planning

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Transition Planning has been developed to provide transition stakeholders with basic information about SSI and its role in supporting young adults with disabilities as they move toward transition to the adult world and their chosen outcomes. Additionally, this module provides teachers and school personnel with the information they need to accurately complete necessary SSI documentation for their students who are applying. A wide range of resources are provided.

 Module 9 - Health and Medical Issues in Transition Planning

​​Health and Medical Issues in Transition Planning has been developed to increase awareness and knowledge of transition-related medical issues for individuals with chronic health conditions/disabilities. Health care transition planning is discussed in the areas of independent living, college and employment.

 Selected Interviews: Stakeholder Perspectives on Transition

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