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The Illinois Quality Framework is a document that includes seven standards, multiple indicators, and guiding questions for diverse stakeholder groups to use in open, honest, inquiry-based conversations. These conversations set the stage for the completion of the Illinois Quality Framework Supporting Rubric (IQFSR) which is the system needs assessment.  The supporting rubric is composed of performance measures based on the seven standards.  Use of the framework and rubric is required for schools that are designated to receive targeted or comprehensive support through IL-Empower and is highly recommended for any school across the state.  The Illinois Quality Framework Supporting Rubric is accessed within the IWAS system.  Completion is documented within the system by selecting the performance levels identified.  Schools must retain evidence to support their scores. The evidence may be held in the school office. 

Although schools with an Underperforming or Lowest-Performing designation are required to complete the IQFSR in IWAS, all schools, including those designated as Exemplary and Commendable, have access to the IQFSR.  

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