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ISBE Responsibilities
Springfield Office: (217) 524-4832
College and Career Readiness(217) 524-4832
E-rate, Technology Plans, Technology Point of Contact Listserv, Assessment Technology, IL Virtual Schools and School Technology Revolving Loan Program, LTCs
College and Career
Division Secretary
College and Career
Health Occupations, Reg. 4 – CTEI and Perkins, WECEP, AP State
College and Career
21st Century Community Learning Centers
College and Career
Business, Reg. 3 – CTEI and Perkins
College and Career
Mathematics, Charter Schools, Math and Science Partnerships, AP Test Fee
College and Career
Support Staff
College and Career
Agriculture, Reg. 2 – CTEI and Perkins, PRC, POS
College and Career
State Leadership, Reg. 1 – CTEI and Perkins
College and Career
21st Century Community Learning Centers
College and Career
Career Development/Guidance, Reg. 6 – CTEI and Perkins
College and Career
21st Century Community Learning Centers, Family Engagement
College and Career
Industrial, STEM, Reg. Suburban Cook and Lake – CTEI and Perkins
College and Career
21st Century Community Learning Centers
College and Career
Social Sciences, Charter Schools, Math and Science Partnerships, Arts and Foreign Language
College and Career
Technology Readiness
Assessment and
Assessment and
Assessment Coordinator
Assessment and
Administrative Assistant
Assessment and
NAEP; Psychometrics
Assessment and
Assessment Coordinator
Assessment and
Assessment Coordinator
Assessment and
Director of Assessment and Accountability
Assessment and Accountability
BrownDaniel L.
Division Supervisor
Assessment and

General Inquiry email:

English Language
Principal Consultant​
English Language Learners312-814-2229
Principal Consultant​
English Language Learners312-814-3519
Principal Consultant​
English Language Learners312-814-3661

Timothy Imler, Division Administrator
Craig Rechner, Division Supervisor
Springfield Office:  (217) 782-5256
Springfield FAX:  (217) 782-3910

Funding and Disbursements
  • Electronic Grants Management (e-GMS) Development and Testing
Funding and
  • Electronic Grants Management System (eGMS) Development and Testing
Funding and

  • Career and Technical Education Improvement (CTEI)
  • Agriculture Education
  • Career and Technical Education – Student Organization
  • After School Matters
  • Chicago Teachers Pension Fund
  • Southwest Organizing Project
  • Early Childhood (IECAM, Ounce of Prevention, Univ of IL)
  • Autism
  • Blind and Dyslexic
  • District Intervention
  • Healthy Communities Schools - After School
  • Healthy Communities Schools Non Profit - After School
  • Priority Schools
  • Teach For America
  • Title VI - Rural Education Initiative
  • Title IVA - Student Support and Academic Enrichment
  • V. E. - Perkins - Title IIA – State Leadership
  • V. E. - Perkins - Title IIB – Corrections Education
  • V. E. - Perkins - Title IIC – Secondary
  • Preschool Expansion Grant
  • Title III - Immigrant Education Program
  • Title III - Lang Inst Prog-Limited English (LIPLEP)
  • McKinney Education for Homeless Children
  • Title II – Teacher Quality
  • Title II – Teacher Quality - Leadership Grants
  • Title II – Math and Science Initiative
  • Charter Schools
  • Advanced Placement - College Board/International Baccalaureate
  • English Language SEA Professional Development 
  • Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge
  • Univ of Florida - CEEDAR Center Grant
Funding and

  • Special Education Child Count/Federal Reports
  • I-Star Special Education Pupil Approval-Funding and Child Tracking System (FACTS)
  • Fed. - Sp. Ed. - I.D.E.A. – Room and Board
Funding and

  • Title I – Low Income
  • Title I – Low Income – Neglected–Private
  • Title I – Low Income – Delinquent–Private
  • Title I – N/D Juvenile and Adult Corrections
  • Title I - School Improvement and Accountability
  • Title I - School Improvement Section 1003g
  • Driver Education –  Annual Per Capita Cost Report
  • Driver Education – Technical Assistance
Funding and

  • Electronic Expenditure Reporting - Administration
  • Equipment Deletion Reports/Transfers
  • Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA)
  • FRIS Inquiry Technical Assistance
  • Payment Inquiries from Local Education Agencies
Funding and

  • Cash Receipts Processing
  • Charter School Loan Payment Tracking
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program Interest
  • Contact with Department of Agriculture/Child Nutrition Coordination
  • IDEA Part B Allocations
  • Receivables - Quarterly Report to Fiscal
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families  (TANF) – DHS Report Quarterly Cert
  • Title I Allocation/Reallocation/Waiver Approval, Title II and VI Rural Ed Allocation
  • Title I Reallocation - Assistance
  • USDA Quarterly Financial Reporting & Certification
  • Voc. Ed. Perkins Financial Report, Health & Education Well Being –AIDS grant 
  • WINS Coordination and Testing
Funding and
  • Regular/Vocational/Special Education Transportation Claim
  • Federal Impact Aid
Funding and
  • ​Reorganization – Deficit Balance, Attendance, Salary Difference, Feasibility Studies
  • Philip J. Rock Center and School
  • Educational Materials Center
  • State Free Lunch & Breakfast
  • National Board Certification Initiatives
  • Truants Alternative/Optional Education
  • Regional Safe Schools
  • Early Childhood Block Grant
  • ROE/ISC Operations
  • Tax Equivalent Grant
  • State Advanced Placement 
  • Breakfast Start-up Expansion
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Special Milk Program
  • School Breakfast Program
  • Summer Food Service Program
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 
  • NSLP Equipment Assistance Grant
  • Title I - Migrant Education
  • Title I - Migrant Education Incentive
  • Title IV - 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • Fed. - Sp. Ed. - Pre-School Flow Through
  • Fed. - Sp. Ed. - Pre-School Discretionary
  • Fed. - Sp. Ed. - I.D.E.A. – Flow Through
  • Fed. - Sp. Ed. - I.D.E.A. – Discretionary
  • Fed. - Sp. Ed. - I.D.E.A. – Part D Improvement
  • Fed. - Sp. Ed. - Title VIC Deaf/Blind
Funding and
  • Illinois Purchased Care Review Board - Sp Ed Private Provider Rate Calculations
Funding and
  • Child & Adult Care Food Program Interest
  • Child Nutrition Programs/Federal Reporting/Cash Ordering/Balancing
  • Child Nutrition Commodity/Salvage
  • DUNS Number Coordination and Assignments
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Nutrition Training Grants
  • USDA Meal Count Reporting & Certification
Funding and
  • ​Special Education – Private Facility Tuition
  • Special Education – Orphanage - Individual
  • Special Education – Orphanage - Summer Individual
  • Regular Orphanage Tuition – Section 18-3
  • Special Education Excess Cost
  • Non-public Proportionate Share Calculations (IDEA)
  • Special Education Cost Sheet/Rules
Funding and
  • ​Special Education Personnel Approval
  • Special Education Director Approval
  • Public School Calendars
Funding and

Telephone:  (217) 782-3950

Fax:  (217) 524-7784

Data Strategies and Analytics
  • Bilingual Education Programs
  • Early Childhood 0-3 Prevention Initiative Program
  • End of Year Report
  • English Language Learners
  • Preschool for All Program
  • Teacher Reduction in Force Survey
Data Strategies and
  • Accountability
  • Annual Yearly Progress
  • E-Report Card Data Collection
  • Graduation Rate
  • High School Graduates Postsecondary Enrollment
  • IL Report Card
  • School Choice Survey
  • School Incident Reporting System
  • Title I Survey
Data Strategies and
  • Employment Information System
Data Strategies and
  • Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report
  • Employment Information System
  • Noncertified Staff Salary Study
  • Teacher Salary Study
  • Teacher Service Record
Data Strategies and
  • Employment Information System
Data Strategies and
  • Annual Statistical Report
  • Student Health Data – Immunization, Vision, and Dental
  • Unfilled Positions Survey
Data Strategies and
  • Employment Information System
  • Nonpublic School Registration, Enrollment, and Staff Report
Data Strategies and

Assessment Coordinator

Assessment and
Principal Consultant​
English Language Learners312-814-5583

Division Supervisor

English Language Learners312-814-1614
  • Illinois Purchased Care Review Board - Sp Ed Private Provider Rate Calculations
  • Evidence-Based Funding Payments​

Funding and
  • ​Division Receptionist
  • Cash Receipts Logging
  • Federal Interest Check Logging
  • Grant Application Tracking
Funding and
  • ​ROE School Bus Driver Training
  • Special Education Transportation Technical Assistance
  • Transportation Program/School Bus Driver Training
Funding and