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​Illinois has been selected by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) as one of nine states to engage in work to diversify the state’s teacher pipeline and ensure that all teachers practice culturally responsive teaching.  Illinois’ team is composed of diverse stakeholders representing institutions of higher education, district leadership, school-level leadership, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the Illinois General Assembly.​

Please direct comments or questions regarding the DLRT Initiative to Emily Fox at efox@isbe.net.

 Current Goals

​Increasing the number of minority teachers in Illinois public schools by the year 2025 and the number of minority teacher candidates by 2023. (Precise percentages of increase will be identified after further research is concluded.)

Ensuring that all teachers practice culturally responsive teaching via development of a definition for “Learner Ready” for teacher candidates and a required training/PD activity for all in-service teachers.

Providing more valuable support to teachers of color who are currently in the teaching profession.

 Vision and Guidance for a Diverse and Learner-Ready Teacher Workforce

​To support the DLRT initiative’s efforts, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) developed A Vision and Guidance for a Diverse and Learner-Ready Teacher Workforce to outline actions state education chiefs, leaders in educator preparation and local education agencies, and others can take to ensure each child in our public school system is taught by a diverse and learner-ready teacher workforce. The report illustrates a vision of what success will look like for students and teachers and outlines policy and practice guidance. ​​​

 Steering Team Members

Fred Crespo
State Representative, 44th District, Illinois House of Representatives

Tina Dimmitt-Salinas
Supervisor, Educator Effectiveness, Illinois State Board of Education

Andrea E. Evans, Ph.D.
Director, Carruthers Center for Inner-City Studies, Northeastern Illinois University

Sam Fogleman
Principal Consultant, Educator Effectiveness, Illinois State Board of Education

Emily Fox
Director, Educator Effectiveness, Illinois State Board of Education

Rodolfo Hernandez
Superintendent, Cicero School District 99, Cicero, IL

Christian Mahone
Principal, South Side Elementary School, Champaign, IL

 The DLRT Network

The State Board of Education approved recommendations developed from the Teach Illinois-Strong Teachers, Strong Classrooms year of study on October 17, 2018.  Many of the next steps for ISBE require the insight and expertise of practitioners and other stakeholders to advise the agency on policy and action.  One such group is the Diverse and Learner-Ready Teacher Network, which will build upon existing work occurring state and nationwide and help operationalize initiatives developed by the DLRT Steering Team to achieve the following goals:

  1. Diversify the teacher pipeline to achieve greater demographic parity between teachers and PK-12 students; and
  2. Ensure all teachers in the workforce, regardless of race, demonstrate culturally responsive practice.

ISBE solicited applications for membership on the DLRTN from across the state and selected 20 members from the 76 applications received.  DLRT Steering Team members reviewed each application using a rubric and strove to ensure a balance between classroom teachers, PK-12 district staff, higher education, and advocacy representatives.  The following list represents all of the DLRTN members who have accepted their roles and will begin this vital work in 2019.



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