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​In 2013, ISBE retired the Teacher Service Record (TSR) data collection system, and replaced it with the Employment Information System (EIS) for district use in reporting data for teachers, administrators, and other employees. Through EIS, not only can data be entered and edited using online screens, but it can also be submitted via batch file. EIS also allows data to be reported continually (no closed periods during a school year) for both licensed and non-licensed employees. Further, EIS incorporates the administrator, teacher, and benefits data that school districts are required to report by October 1 each year, per Sections 10-20.47 and 34-18.38 of the School Code.

​EIS 2023-24 Unfilled Positions and Position Closures

All Unfilled Positions and Position Closures must be submitted by Nov. 15.

  • An Unfilled Position is defined as a position that is not filled by an appropriately licensed, permanent educator as of Oct. 1. This position may be vacant or may be filled by an employee who lacks proper credentials (e.g. no PEL, no ELS, etc.), such as a substitute, to fill the position permanently.
  • A Position Closure occurs when the district was actively seeking to fill a position for the current school year but was unable to do so. Due to the inability to fill the position, the position was closed for the current year prior to Oct. 1. This term could encompass courses or classes that were closed, cancelled, or outsourced.
  • Please note that these data are to be reported based on positions that remained unfilled as of Oct. 1. Any positions that were filled AFTER Oct. 1 should still be reported as unfilled on this collection.
  • FTE for a single position is a value within a range from 0 to 1.0, and is not a percentage.
  • The total FTE for a single Unfilled Position record is the sum of FTEs of the unfilled positions at a given Working Location or School that share said Position Code (in addition Grade Level and Subject for teaching positions). For example, if a district has two unfilled positions with a 200 Position Code at the same School for the same Grade Level and Subject Area, each with an FTE of 0.5 (half tim​e), they will report a total unfilled FTE of 1.0.

These FTE values can be entered directly in the EIS application or submitted via batch file. Instructions for either method can be found below:

EIS Resources

For further EIS assistance, please contact the EIS help desk at

For technical assistance with IWAS, please contact the ISBE Help Desk at or call (217) 558-3600.​​​​​​​​​​

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