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Using student data for district, school, and classroom improvement planning can be very helpful when it is used correctly and with the necessary security and privacy practices in place. Although data can be used to facilitate change and improvement, there is a need to balance the usefulness of this data with the privacy of the students who the data is about.

 Systems in IWAS

Many formerly paper-based data collection forms will now be filled out and reviewed online via a secure connection over the Internet. Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) customers can use their ISBE Web Application Security (IWAS) account to access these forms. Accessing is easy, fast, and convenient!

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The Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) is a web-based system that allows teachers and district administrators to access licensure data from ISBE's licensure information.

Learn more about ELIS

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Perform a search of public license information
Perform a credential search of educators in Illinois

 Other ISBE Systems

Ed360 is an innovative new component of the Illinois Data for Fiscal and Instructional Results, Study, and Transparency (Illinois Data FIRST) Project. Illinois Data FIRST synthesizes a series of connected efforts that enable state policymakers, educators, learners, and members of the public to access information from the Illinois Longitudinal Data System (ILDS) quickly and easily to support and improve state and local resource allocations, instruction, and learner outcomes. Ed360 was created with data synthesis in mind, and the goal of the dashboard is to provide administrators and teachers with active, live data on student performance to encourage data-driven instructional practices.

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Pupil transportation reimbursement claims for public school districts (excluding Chicago Public Schools 299), vocational centers and special education cooperatives are available online in read-only format.

Pupil Transportation Claim Reimbursement Inquiry

Region County District Type Schools - it is the 15-digit code broken down R=00 C=000 D=0000 T=00 S=0000.

A lookup form of entities that provide direct services to K-12 students in Illinois. It includes Private and Public Schools, Public Districts and other Public Units (i.e., Regional Programs, Dept. of Corrections, Special Ed Cooperatives and Vocational schools).

RCDTS Lookup

The Data Quality Dashboard is an interactive tool designed to provide feedback to districts on the accuracy of their submitted data. While use of the Data Quality Dashboard is optional, it can be an extremely helpful tool to ease data collections. The goal of the Dashboard is to empower districts to take the quality of their data into their own hands by checking submitted data against a series of audits. The Dashboard will provide pathways for districts to correct any and all potential errors without needing to call ISBE.

Learn more about the Data Quality Dashboard​​​​​​​

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