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Discover an A+ Career in Education  

We would like to invite you to “Discover an A+ Career in Education” at the Illinois ​State Board of Education. Become a part of the transformation in education in the state. We are looking for innovative thinkers and visionaries, which will foster change to ensure that every child, from cradle to career, succeeds in Illinois.

Check out our career opportunities below!


Below you will find all of the current opportunities that are available​ at the Illinois State Board of Education.  You can choose to browse all opportunities or utilize the filters on the left to narrow down your choices! ​




IDEA Grants (Principal Consultant #1353)559 ​This position provides services for the fiscal and programmatic implementation and monitoring of state and federally funded education programs. Coordinates and/or participates as a member of a team of consultants in the development and/or revision of program guidelines, RFPs, rules, procedures and the provision of technical assistance and oversight, etc., to ensure the effective implementation of the programs. Provides technical assistance to program participants regarding implementation of the programs, and seeks to improve the quality of their programs. This position reports to the Division Administrator.11/14/2017 3:49:05 PMAssists in implementing and monitoring state and federally funded grant programs to ensure their effectiveness and compliance with all applicable programmatic and fiscal 300https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseSpecial Education Services1353
Administrative Support (Program Specialist II #121)1536 ​Reporting to the Director of Teaching and Learning, provides clerical support to the Director and staff responsible for the administration of Early Childhood, College and Career Readiness, and the Center for Teaching and Learning. Daily work includes gathering information and responding to inquiries, decision making, interpretation and application of agency and Center policies and procedures.11/15/2017 10:23:49 PMLane 2/Tier 2 – Minimum salary $2,438 Provides clerical support to the Center by finalizing a variety of correspondence, reports, and presentations 1293https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseCenter for Teaching and Curriculum121
Educator Licensure (Principal Consultant #1474)4244 ​This position is responsible for providing excellent customer service to educators and school districts by evaluating applications for licensure and responding to written and telephone communication from educators, districts, and Regional Offices of Education within timeframes specified by the Division Administrator. This position reports to the Division Administrator.2/9/2018 6:07:25 PMAnalyzes applications for licenses, endorsements, and approvals based upon evidence submitted Authorizes issuance or notifies applicant of specific deficiencies 1677https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseEducator Effectiveness1474
Data Coordination (Principal Consultant #1548)4504 ​This position is responsible for assisting in the analysis of data elements which impact the services of students who have or are suspected of having a disability; performs cross-system checks of data quality; acts as a communication link between various public entities; provides assistance with ad hoc reporting and assists in the overall division accomplishment of activities for the purpose of improving educational programs; builds data literacy throughout the agency; participates in cross agency work groups, data projects, and research. This position reports to the Division Administrator.3/29/2017 9:28:57 PMOversees data collection, analysis and reporting of special education data related to Part B (ages 3-21) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).Works with the 3380https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseSpecial Education Services1548
Individualized Education Program - IEP (Principal Consultant #1549)4512 ​This position performs duties concentrated in the area of meeting the needs of students with disabilities; performs duties in the development, maintenance, and revision of Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Notice and Consent Forms, the electronic IEP system, and IEP modules; coordinates and conducts in-service trainings or presentations. This position reports to the Division Administrator/Supervisor.3/29/2017 9:32:09 PMCoordinates and oversees the electronic Individualized Education Program (IEP) system, including working with school districts who use the system to address current issues 4158https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseSpecial Education Services1549
Division Supervisor (#1544)6606 ​This position provides leadership and advocates for equity for all students; integrates and executes the policies and expectations of the State Board of Education. Provides leadership to and support in division programming and compliance; directs and oversees overall functions of division including daily operations, program administration and evaluation, and staff management and evaluation. Executes agency initiatives, policies, procedures, and communicates expectations; provides direction and leadership in cross-functional division work; collaborates with other divisions, state agencies, affiliates, and stakeholders; assists in the development and monitoring of division budget and expenditures; participates in agency and management meetings as directed; executes mission, vision, goals, and expectations of agency; develops, provides, and participates in professional development. This position reports to the Director.1/19/2018 9:27:28 PMSalary commensurate with education and experience Directs the overall functions and programs of the division including, but not limited to, career and technical education 262https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseCollege and Career Readiness1544
Floater (Program Specialist I #1028)6615 This position will serve the role as a permanent floater (Program Specialist I), moving from various divisions throughout the agency based on program priorities and/or workforce shortages to perform tasks as assigned by the respective program administrator. Duties will vary in nature and relate to secretarial/clerical, fiscal and/or technical activities, depending on the specific assignment. Performance evaluations will be completed by the Division Administrator of Human Resources and Labor Relations, based on input from those administrators who temporarily assigned duties during the period being evaluated. (Work hours are 830 a.m. - 500 p.m.) This position reports to the Division Administrator.1/19/2018 9:32:37 PMLane 2/Tier 1 – Minimum salary $2,298 May perform a variety of secretarial/clerical tasks, ranging from routine to moderately complex May perform typing and filing duties and 248https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseHuman Resources and Labor Relations1028
Division Supervisor (#1604)6616 This position interprets and executes the policies and expectations of the State Board of Education as directed. Directs, oversees and administers programs, operations and personnel within the division. Provides leadership and direction to educational bodies throughout the state. Serves as liaison between divisions and outside educational and professional entities. This position reports to the Division Administrator.1/19/2018 9:36:29 PMSalary commensurate with education and experience Coordinates and oversees the accomplishment of division functions and general supervision responsibilities including 300https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseSpecial Education Services1604
Student Wellness (Principal Consultant #1268)11094 ​This position collaborates and consults with ISBE wellness team, Illinois school districts, and relevant service providers in all efforts designed to build differentiated supports for the promotion of school wellness. This position reports to the Division Administrator and Division Supervisor. 2/2/2018 8:17:20 PMCollaborates with other wellness team members (i.e., school nurse, school health, nutrition, social emotional and behavioral health and other health education consultants) as well 1175https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseNutrition and Wellness Programs1268
Federal and State Grant Monitor (Principal Consultant #1374)11353 This position performs work ranging from moderate complexity applying practices and technical expertise in areas of accounting, audit, financial management and continuous improvement; as a member of a team, regularly coordinates monitoring programs with Local Education Agencies, Regional Offices of Education, Intermediate Service Centers and other clients for the purpose of determining fiscal and programmatic compliance with applicable federal and state rules and regulations, agency guidelines and the enhancement of the quality of the programs. (This position will work primarily in western suburbs. Residency for this position is required within one of the following counties - DuPage, Cook, Kendall or Kane - to commence no later than 30 days following date of hire.) This position reports to the Division Administrator.9/18/2017 3:00:34 PMAs a member of a team and regularly as the team coordinator initiates development of monitoring objectives and scope; initiates development of the monitoring program or checklist 417https://www.isbe.net/Lists/ISBECareers/AllItems.aspxFalseFederal and State Monitoring1374

​Illinois State Board of Education provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics.

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