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The FY 2022 Annual Financial Report (AFR) form can be found under the drop-down Form. Updated 07/25/2022. Changes - Inserted formula in cell L35, updated the formula in cell H429 on the Expenditure tab, and updated formula on line 39 on the CARES, CRRSA, ARP Schedule tab.


School District Financial Reports System in I​WAS

Auditors will be required to submit FY 2022 Annual Financial Reports using a new system in IWAS. The system will be open for use in August 2022.

Training modules for the new system are available below.

System information can also be found in the Annual Financial Report InstructionsPDF Document.​​


 Due Dates

  • October 14 – AFR is due to Regional Office of Education
  • November 15 – AFR (Electronically and Paper copy) is due to ISBE from Regional Office of Education
  • December 15 – AFR is due to Regional Office of Education and ISBE if an extension is granted.

 Annual Financial Report (AFR) Submission

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