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​A Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC) is required to be established in school districts that have Transitional Bilingual Education programs (20 or more English Learners from the same language background)​. See the State statute here​. The BPAC represents the interests of English learner (EL) students in Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) program(s), their parents, and community members of a school district. Its purpose is to ensure the district recognizes their voices and acts to meet their needs. This committee’s role is advisory; it focuses on helping bilingual parents and community members better understand how bilingual programming works so they may advocate for the academic needs of their students. Additionally, it offers a detailed overview of the bilingual programs available, provides access to important resources, and encourages continued involvement in the school district. Through such efforts, a BPAC can strengthen a community’s investment in the outcomes related to EL students in TBE program(s).

 Resources to Run a BPAC

​Bylaws must be created for each district’s BPAC. The following is an example and should be tailored to meet the needs of the specific district. 
Each meeting should have an agenda; an outline of what will be discussed. During the meeting, minutes should be captured. The minutes detail who was in attendance, any actions taken or discussions. The following are examples of a meeting agenda and minutes but may be as detailed as necessary for each group.

 BPAC Summit

​Every year ISBE, in collaboration with IRC, hosts a Bilingual Parent Advisory Summit. BPAC parents and their directors are welcome to learn more about multilingual resources, bilingual education, family engagement, and BPACs during this multiday gathering. Interpretation services are provided in multiple languages as requested. 

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