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​Out of School Time offers opportunities to enhance students’ social, emotional, behavioral, physical and academic competencies so that all students can succeed in school and beyond.​

Out of School Time Programs that improve academic outcomes:

  • provide a safe and supportive learning environment;
  • maximize student participation and attendance;
  • connect with school and classroom activities to achieve a shared mission of improving academic performance;
  • deliver academic instruction in a way that responds to each student’s needs and engages them in learning; and
  • assess program performance and use data to improve implementation.​​​

 FY22 Phillip Jackson Freedom Schools Grant

The fundamental goal of the Freedom Schools of the 1960s was to provide quality education for all students, to motivate active civic engagement, and to empower disenfranchised communities. The renowned and progressive curriculum of Freedom Schools allowed students of all ages to experience a new and liberating form of education that directly related to the imperatives of their lives, their communities, and the Freedom Movement.

The Illinois State Board of Education is thrilled to have awarded the Phillip Jackson Freedom Schools Grant to 49 applicants in fiscal year 2022. Entities that received grants are located throughout the state of Illinois. They are using the funds to expand the teaching of African American history, develop leadership skills, and provide an understanding of the tenets of the civil rights movement.

Grantees have been operating a six-week program that attempts to mitigate learning loss caused by the pandemic for children living in poverty by helping to increase proficiency in literacy. Students learn through an interactive curriculum, a positive school climate, and wrap-around support. This grant allows students to be exposed to new and engaging cultural experiences that reflect a diverse society.

Communities have come together to support the students through partnerships that focus on the whole-child approach. Grantees have strengthened community partnerships through relationships that center on the goal of supporting family well-being and learning.

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