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ISBE is proud to be a partner in the Illinois Bicentennial Celebration. The year-long series of programs and events commenced on December 3, 2017 and will culminate with Illinois’ 200th birthday on December 3, 2018.

ISBE continues to work with Illinois Bicentennial Commission and other stakeholder organizations to produce educational materials and resources to make the 200-year history of Illinois come alive in the classroom and at home for students, teachers, families and communities. This is a unique opportunity to teach children about the rich history of the state from many perspectives, help them identify homegrown heroes, and forge their own place in the future history of Illinois.

We are very excited to offer the Illinois Chronicles as a foundational resource to teach and learn about Illinois history. The Illinois Chronicles is a unique historical timeline package that will offer facts and suggested ideas for presentation of Illinois history in a chronological order. This resource will be provided to every school in the state in spring of 2018.

Please visit this page often as new resources and educational materials are added.

​Illinois: 200 years in the making

Keep checking back to see the events that shaped Illinois.

Timeline Key

Timeline provided by The Illinois Chronicles. See the full timeline.

Happy Birthday, Illinois!

Teachers are encouraged to share photos and videos of how they are celebrating Illinois' 200th birthday in the classroom.

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