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The Charter School Staff is responsible for all charter school related functions, many of which are time sensitive and have statutory deadlines.  The primary functions include but are not limited to:

  • Oversight and Support for State Authorized Charter Schools - As of July 1, 2020, Public Act 101-0543 abolished the Illinois State Charter School Commission and transferred the existing charters under their authority to the Illinois State Board of Education.  As the authorizer for these schools, the State Board is responsible for ensuring these schools are in compliance with the Illinois Charter Schools Law and their charter agreements.  This includes monitoring of academic performance, fiscal health and organizational governance.  The State Board will also manage the renewal process of all state authorized charters seeking to renew their charter agreements at the expiration of their terms.
  • Act as the Appellate Authority for District Non-renewal or Revocation Decisions - Should a district charter authorizer vote to not renew or revoke an existing charter, the charter holder has the option to appeal such decision to the Illinois State Board of Education. 
  • Oversight and Support of Charter Authorizers - The Charter Schools Law requires ISBE to perform "ongoing monitoring" of both charter schools and authorizers to ensure a commitment to high-quality authorization practices and high-quality charter schools.
  • Adherence with the Charter Schools Law (Article 27A of the School Code) and conducts review of all applications to open new charter schools and all applications to renew the charter of an existing charter school.
  • Initiation of and advocacy for charter-related legislation
  • Technical assistance/constituent service
  • Biennial Reporting on Charter Schools
  • FOIA's​​​​​​​
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