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The Education Purchasing Program (EPP) has made available the following state master contract for school- and office-related supplies, equipment, and furniture. An order form and a copy of the master contract are available  below.

Please visit Logsdon Office Supply for more information on this contract and to see an online product catalog.

As required by Article 28A of the School Code, the Illinois State Board of Education created the EPP. The state superintendent of education, in partnership with the Chief Procurement Office, has acted to form and designate statewide education master contracts for key categories identified and defined by the State Board.

The EPP does the following:

  • Provides master contract information and pricing to school districts.
  • Affords school districts a simplified process to contract with vendors who have already been evaluated through a fair and competitive process for a variety of products and services.

School districts can utilize these contracts to secure discounted pricing and greater value from the supply base all while saving time and taxpayer dollars.

Participation in the EPP contracts shall be at the sole option of school districts, and the districts shall be solely responsible for any obligations incurred as a result of their participation. State master contracts authorized under Article 28A of the Illinois School Code are included as an exemption in the Contracts Provision of the School Code, 105 ILCS 5/10-20.21(xv); however, school districts should consult with legal counsel before utilizing the EPP contracts​.

Any questions can be directed to Jason Perry at​​​​​

 Personal Protective Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

​​Next Steps for Purchasing

  1. Review the contracts and vendor information sheets provided below.
  2. Decide which vendor best fits your district's PPE needs.
  3. Follow the ordering instructions on the information sheet or reach out to the contact provided to order.
  4. Direct any questions to the vendor. 

Vendor Contracts & Information Sheets

* The Logsdon Office Supply contract expires on 01/10​/2032.​​​​​

 Joint Purchasing Master Contracts (JPMC) for School District Use

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Contact Information