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Districts must provide written notification to parents of English Learner (EL) students each year that they enroll in a TBE/TPI program in compliance with state and federal regulations. The letters below incorporate Title III and Illinois School Code requirements and are available to all districts. However, a district may also choose to develop their own letter that incorporates all requirements found in Section 14C-4 of the Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/14C-4).

Districts must send notification letters to parents of EL students who participate in language instruction programs no later than 30 days after the beginning of each school year. Districts must notify parents every year in which EL students participate in a language instruction program. When a student is identified as EL after the start of the school year, the districts must send a notification letter to the students’ parents within 14 days of the child being placed in a language instruction program.​

 EL Placement Resources

EL students must be placed into a TBE or TPI program per Article 14C of the School Code.

 Parent Notification Letter

Below are:

  1. Notification letter for parents of students enrolled in their first, second or third year of the program
  2. Notification letter for parents of students enrolled in the program beyond the three year period
  3. Program description pages for Transitional Bilingual Education, Transitional Program of Instruction, Dual Language/Two-Way Immersion, Developmental Bilingual Education and Newcomer Program

To compile the parent notification packet:

  1. Click on the appropriate language to display the letters.
  2. Select the appropriate Parent Notification letter.
  3. Select the description of the program in which the student is enrolled and of any other programs that are available to the students in the school.
  4. Send both the letter and the description(s) to the parent.​​

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