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The Equity Journey Continuum is an informational tool to help districts view their data through the lens of equity. It identifies gaps in student achievement, opportunities, and supports by analyzing data that districts already collect and report to ISBE. The tool makes the data more useful for districts to improve outcomes for students. ISBE developed the tool using national research and examples from other states.​

Who: All public school districts

Each district’s data will place it along an equity continuum — from Step 1 (large gaps) to Step 4 (minimal gaps) — in the three areas of ISBE’s strategic plan: student learning, learning conditions, and elevating educators.

When: October 2022

The Equity Journey Continuum is part of ISBE’s strategic plan which was adopted in November 2020. ISBE developed the tool and conducted a pilot with diverse school districts from across the state in the summer of 2021. All districts will soon preview their Equity Journey Continuum data.

Where: Illinois Report Card

The 2022 Illinois Report Card will include the Equity Journey Continuum. The District’s Report Card will display the district’s step level on each of the three broad categories of continuum. Only school districts will have full access to their full data behind the continuum.

Why: Equity

In Illinois, our public school system shows persistent and significant gaps in achievement between student groups. The Equity Journey Continuum will serve as a beacon to illuminate areas where a district may need to alter systems, increase access, add resources, or seek supports to ensure students from all backgrounds can achieve the same high standards. ​​​​​​​​​​

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