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​In efforts to support victims of the recent natural disaster, ISBE has implemented a new policy for educators who may have been affected. Any educator who was displaced by Hurricane Maria can apply for a comparable license in Illinois without application or registration fees. ISBE is also waiving the requirement of official documentation for the issuance of the license sought. 

At the end of the first cycle, any educator issued a license under these circumstances will be asked to provide the required documentation. Please provide these as soon as they are available. The educator is also responsible for any Professional Development requirements during this time. 

Applicants are required to complete ISBE Form 77-17MPDF Document and send it to the Illinois State Board of Education, either by mail or email. All applications must be postmarked by June 30, 2018. 
  • Mail:
    Illinois State Board of Education
    100 N. First St.
    Springfield, IL  62777
  • Email:
The license issued will be valid for the corresponding cycle (one fiscal year, five fiscal years, etc.) and registration fees will be waived for the first cycle only. 

Any license issued may be rescinded at any time if the State Superintendent of Education determines, in his sole discretion, that the individual has misrepresented his or her eligibility or if other sufficient cause exists. 

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