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​In summer 2019, the Illinois State Board of Education began a multi-phased process to examine teaching and teacher preparation standards, best practices and evaluation tools to develop a system of professional educator competencies, known as the Illinois Professional Educator Competencies (IPEC).  The IPEC will provide a measurable continuum, which defines competency from teacher education candidate to veteran teacher as well as across education employment pathways.  The core and steering team, consisting of ISBE preparation staff and stakeholders representing professional organizations, teacher preparation, teachers and school leader constituents will serve as the foundational group in the development and implementation of the Illinois Professional Educator Competencies. 

Please direct comments or questions regarding the IPEC initiative to Emily Fox at

 IPEC Phases

  • Phase 1: Standards Analysis and Draft Competency Statement Development (August 2019 - May 2020)
  • Phase II: Competency Measurements, Assessments, and Connections to Specific Areas of Licensure (June 2020 - May 2021)
  • Phase III: Competency Embedding and Implementation in Systems (June 2021 - June 2022)
Proposed Program Alignment to IPEC (IL Administrative Rule change required) ​

 Core Team Members

Brianne Dilbeck - Principal Consultant, Educator Effectiveness, Illinois State Board of Education
Jill Donnel - Undergraduate Coordinator for the School of Teaching and Learning, Illinois State University 
Sam Fogleman -Principal Consultant, Educator Effectiveness, Illinois State Board of Education
Emily Fox - Director, Educator Effectiveness, Illinois State Board of Education
Kira Hamman - Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Teaching and Learning, Illinois State University
Jason Helfer - Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Illinois State Board of Education
Nancy Latham - Executive Director, Council on Techer Education, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
Anni Reinking - President, Illinois Association Early Childhood Teacher Education, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 

 Steering Team Members

Stephanie Bernoteit - Deputy Directory of Academic Affairs, Illinois Board of Higher Education
Christy Borders - Illinois Association for Colleges of Teacher Education; Interim Associate Dean, Illinois State University
Jennifer Buss - Associate Professor Special Education, Lewis University 
John Cusick - Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT-AFT)
Johnna Darragh - Professor, Early Childhood Education, Heartland Community College 
Larry Frank - Director of Educational Policy and Research, Illinois Education Association
Yurimi Grigsby - Professor, Teaching, Learning & Diversity, Concordia University Chicago
Dr. Michael Merritt - Board of Directors, North Cook Region State Director, Illinois Principals Association; Principal, Brentwood Elementary School
Steve Mertens - Professor, School of Teaching & Learning, Illinois State University 
Greg Montalvo - Assistant Dean for Educator Preparation, Western Illinois University
Patricia Nugent - Professor, Director of Assessment & Accreditation, Bradley University 
Cyndi Oberle-Dahm - Illinois Federation of Teachers, History Department Chair and Teacher, Belleville West High School
Barbara O'Donnell - Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Michelle Parker-Katz - Executive Board, Illinois Teacher Education Division-Council for Exceptional Children, University of Illinois- Chicago
Ed Polturek - Executive Director of the Illinois Association of Teacher Educators (IATE)
Kim Schilson - Illinois Association of School Administrators; Superintendent, Illini West HS District 307
Dr. Ushma Shah - Latino Policy Forum; Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools, Instruction and Equity, Unit 46
Amy Smith - Assistant Director, National Board Resource Center
Jim Staros - Teacher, King College Prep
Kathryn Taylor - Illinois Association for Teacher Education in Private Colleges, Greenville University 
Barb Valle - Region Director and Legislative Committee, Illinois Principal Association; Principal, Jacobs High School, Algonquin 
Corey Winchester - Golden Apple Award Recipient; Social Science Teacher, Evanston Township HS
Diana Zaleski ​- Teaching and Learning Director, Illinois Education Association



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