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Since the statewide implementation of KIDS in the fall of 2017, ISBE has posted both a spreadsheet of district-level “readiness” percentages, along with a narrative report as a guide to undersatnding the results.  Below are the annual KIDS reports, spreadsheets and any additional guidance documents and materials, sorted by year.  For questions about KIDS data and reports, please send your inquiry to .

 SY 2022-2023

KIDS Required Implementation Training

  • 2022-23 School Year Illinois Kindergarten Individual Development Survey Report​​
  • Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) Required Implementation Training is currently available to teachers through a virtual, self-guided format. Those who need to complete the training to access KIDStech must:
    • Email with KIDS Required Training Request in the subject line.
      • Each individual requiring training must send a separate email. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR LINK!
      • ONLY the individual who must take the training can make the request.
      • A response will include the following:
    • It takes five-10 business days after the training is completed for the PD/credit to be added to an individual’s ELIS account.
  • Access to KIDStech is granted only to individuals who meet the following three criteria:
    • Have one of the approved, designated, licensed position codes in the Employment Information System (EIS).
      • These are granted to administrator and teacher positions.
    • Have completed the full-day KIDS Required Implementation Training.
      • Credit for such training must be entered in ELIS account before individuals are able to access KIDStech.
    • District has completed school year 2023-2024 personnel updates for kindergarten teachers and administrators on the EIS webpage.
      • District email, position code, name, etc. used to access KIDStech MUST MATCH info on file in EIS for the current school year.
      • Staff needing access to KIDStech MUST have SY 2023-2024 personnel info updated as soon as possible but definitely earlier than the EIS update.
        • Priority should be given to individuals using KIDS because of the KIDS timeframe.
    • Individuals will not be able to enter data until the following conditions are met:
      • The individual must log in to KIDStech BEFORE uploading the roster in the Student Information System (SIS).
      • The student and teacher roster upload process, which can be accessed at KIDStech Account InstructionsPDF Document, must be completed
      • The 40-day observation and data collection period is nearing completion, based on district attendance calendars.
      • The district’s date entry window is open one week prior to the 40th day of attendance through one week after the 40th day of attendance.
  • SY 2022-23 KIDS Student Exemptions information and documents

 SY 2020 - 2021

  • KIDS...IT’S THE LAW:  
    Education and Workforce Equity Act (HB 2170): Establishes an annual state kindergarten readiness assessment in statue, as of the 2021-2022 school year.  The law also establishes an advisory committee to review, on an ongoing basis, the content and design of the assessment, the collective results of the assessment as measured against kindergarten-readiness standards, and other issues involving the assessment as identified by the committee.

    KIDS will be used to meet this state statute, which means that districts, teachers and the community are already familiar with both the tool and the requirement.
  • Fall 2020 KIDS ReportPDF Document
  • KIDS Public Report for the 2021 School Year​Excel Document

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SY 2021 KIDS data was collected across the entire school year. Data CANNOT be used to indicate students' "readiness" for kindergarten.

**Districts are listed by RCDT Code on the KIDS Public Report for the 2021 School Year.

 SY 2017 - 2018

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) today released the first-ever statewide snapshot of kindergarten readiness in Illinois. The data cap off the first year of the state’s bold effort to collect readiness data for all kindergarteners in the state.

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