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Since the statewide implementation of KIDS in the fall of 2017, ISBE has posted both a spreadsheet of district-level “readiness” percentages, along with a narrative report as a guide to undersatnding the results.  Below are the annual KIDS reports, spreadsheets and any additional guidance documents and materials, sorted by year.  For questions about KIDS data and reports, please send your inquiry to kids@isbe.net .

 SY 2021-2022

​SY 22 KIDS Student Exemptions information and documents are now available. The documents will be sent to all district superintendents and elementary principals through the ISBE ClickDimensions listings. You can also find the documentation and information below.


  • Beginning in the 2021-22 school year, state law requires annual assessment of all students entering public school kindergarten.
  • KIDS Student Exemption Reason Codes are now REQUIRED for each kindergarten student enrolled but missing from the data set.
  • District must provide valid, specific, and appropriate back-up documentation for EACH KIDS Student Exemption.
  • Spreadsheets and back up documentation must be received no later than close of business Friday, March 4, 2022 at kids@isbe.net.

Please contact kids@isbe.net​ with questions.

Documentation and Information:​

Updated Security for KIDStech Login: Education and Workforce Equity Act (HB 2170)​ establishes an annual state kindergarten readiness assessment in statute, as of the 2021-2022 school year. This law carries with it the expectation that ISBE will protect the accuracy and integrity of the KIDS data, using protection methods similar to those in place for other state-required educational assessments. One way the security level has increased is the recent transition to the Single Sign-on system for access to KIDStech.KIDStech access is now VERY LIMITED, for security purposes and is granted to individuals meeting ALL THREE of the following criteria:

  • Individual has one of the designated, licensed position codes in the Employment Identification System (EIS);
  • Completion of the full-day KIDS Implementation Required Training (KIDS Calendar of Professional Learning Opportunities)​ ;
  • Please note, teachers and administrators accessing KIDStech must confirm their Implementation Training is listed in their ELIS account.  KIDStech users should login to ELIS, select ‘Additional Credentials’ (menu on left side of the Home Page screen) and check for the KIDS training under Designations.  If the training does not appear, please email Michelle Escapa (mescapa@roe51.org) with your IEIN, training date, location of training and copy of the evidence of completion form that was received on the day of the training.  For more information, view the step-by-step guide ​on how to verify KIDS training in ELIS​PDF Document.
  • District email address matches email address on file in EIS.

In addition, access will not occur until each district enters all the required SY22 EIS personnel information, due by November 1st https://www.isbe.net/eis . However, to ensure that teachers and administrators are able to access KIDStech during the district data entry window, it would be logical to enter the required information into EIS prior to that point in the school year. For most districts, that would likely mean mid-October.

​Teachers will not be able to enter data until:

  • Districts have completed the student and teacher roster upload process, which can be accessed at KIDStech Account InstructionsPDF Document.
  • The 40-day observation and data collection period is nearing completion based on district attendance calendars;
  • The district’s data entry window is open, one week prior to the 40th day of attendance, through one week after the 40th day of attendance.

Teachers and administrators accessing KIDStech for the first time this school year can review the KIDStech Single Sign-on instructions through the link located in the blue drop-down "Classroom Implementation Materials" box on the "KIDS Materials & Resources" page, or here:  KIDStech Login Instructions​PDF Document​​.​​​​​​​​​​​​

 SY 2020 - 2021

  • KIDS...IT’S THE LAW:  
    Education and Workforce Equity Act (HB 2170): Establishes an annual state kindergarten readiness assessment in statue, as of the 2021-2022 school year.  The law also establishes an advisory committee to review, on an ongoing basis, the content and design of the assessment, the collective results of the assessment as measured against kindergarten-readiness standards, and other issues involving the assessment as identified by the committee.

    KIDS will be used to meet this state statute, which means that districts, teachers and the community are already familiar with both the tool and the requirement.
  • Fall 2020 KIDS ReportPDF Document
  • KIDS Public Report for the 2021 School Year​Excel Document

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SY 2021 KIDS data was collected across the entire school year. Data CANNOT be used to indicate students' "readiness" for kindergarten.

**Districts are listed by RCDT Code on the KIDS Public Report for the 2021 School Year.

 SY 2017 - 2018

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) today released the first-ever statewide snapshot of kindergarten readiness in Illinois. The data cap off the first year of the state’s bold effort to collect readiness data for all kindergarteners in the state.

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