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Development Domain 14 Required ​​Measures Observation Resources for Teachers (Optional)
Approaches to Learning and Self-Regulation (ATL-REG) Curiosity and Initiative in Learning (ATL-REG 1)
Self_Control of Feelings and Behavior (ATL-REG 2)
Engagement and Persistence (ATL-REG 3)
Social and Emotional Development (SED) Relationships and Social Interactions with Familiar Adults (SED 3)
Relationships and Social Interactions with Peers (SED 4)
Language and Literacy Development (LLD) Communication and Use of Language (LLD 3)
Reciprocal Communication and Conversation (LLD 4)
Comprehension and Age- Appropriate Text (LLD 6)
Phonological Awareness (LLD 8)
Letter and Word Knowledge (LLD 9)
Cognition: Math (COG:MATH) Classification (COG:MATH 1)
Number of Sense of Quantity (COG:MATH 2)
Number of Sense of Math Operations (COG:MATH 3)
Shapes (COG:MATH 6)

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