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Development Domain Measures Observation Resources for Teachers (Optional)
Five Domains of Readiness​
​All Measures
​Observation Worksheet for the Five Domains of ReadinessWord Document

Notes for the Five Domains of Readiness​PDF Document
Approaches to Learning and Self-Regulation (ATL-REG) Curiosity and Initiative in Learning (ATL-REG 1) ATL-REG 1-4 HandoutWord Document
Self_Control of Feelings and Behavior (ATL-REG 2)
Engagement and Persistence (ATL-REG 3)
​​Shared Use of Space and Materials (ATL-REG 4)
Social and Emotional Development (SED)
Identity of Self in Relation to Others (SED 1)​​​​​​
SED 1-5 Handout Word Document
Social and Emotional Understanding (SED 2)
​Relationships and Social Interactions with Familiar Adults (SED 3)
​Relationships and Social Interactions with Peers (SED 4)
​​Symbolic and Socio Dramatic Play (SED 5)
Language and Literacy Development (LLD) Understanding og Language --Receptive (LLD 1)
Small Group Observation Worksheet LLD 1& 3Word Document
Responsiveness to Language (LLD 2)
Teachers will observe this measure 1:1 communication
Communication and Use of Language -- Expressive (LLD 3)
Small Group Observation Worksheet LLD 1& 3Word Document
Reciprocal Communication and Conversation (LLD 4)
Small Group Observation Worksheet LLD 3 & 4Word Document
Interest in Literacy (LLD 5)
Work samples are suggested.
​Comprehension and Age-Appropriate Text (LLD 6)
​Handout for LLD 6Word Document
​Concepts About Print  (LLD 7)
​Teachers will observe this measure while working directly with students.
​Phonological Awareness (LLD 8)
​Checklist LLD 8Word Document
​Letter and Word Knowledge (LLD 9)
Checklist LLD 9Word Document
​​Emergent Writing (LLD 10)
Work samples are suggested.​
Cognition: Math (CO​G:MATH) Classification (COG:MATH 1) Handout for COG:MATH 1Word Document
Number of Sense of Quantity (COG:MATH 2)
Handout for COG:MATH 2Word Document
Number of Sense of Math Operations (COG:MATH 3)
Handout for COG: MATH 3Word Document
​Measurement (COG:MATH 4)
​Handout for COG:MATH 4Word Document
​​Patterning (COG:MATH 5)
Handout for COG:MATH 5​Word Document
Shapes (COG:MATH 6)
Handout for COG:MATH 6​​Word Document​​
Physical Development (PD)
Perceptual-Motor Skills and Movement Concepts (PD 1)
Teachers will evaluate the physical development domain by observing students.​​​


Gross Locomotor Movement Skills (PD 2)
Gross Motor Manipulative Skills (PD 3)
​Fine Motor Manipulative Skills (PD 4)

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