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​​The Noncertified Staff Salary Study is conducted according to Section 2-3.103 of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/2-3.103]. The collection of information covering noncertified staff, i.e., educational support personnel, is limited to school districts with 1,000 or more students enrolled (based on prior-year fall enrollment counts). The purpose of the annual study is to provide school board members, noncertified staff, administrators, and the general public with district-level noncertified staff salary schedule or policy and benefits information, organized according to the data reporting requirements in the School Code.

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The data can be searched by District Name. When records are returned for a district, the Region-County-District-Type (RCDT) code for the district will be included in each record. The data reflect information as it was reported by districts, and questions about data reported by a specific school district should be directed to that district. Find more information on current district contact information.​

Please note the following when using the reported data:

  1. Some personnel in a given position may be paid on an hourly basis while others may be paid on a yearly basis. Therefore, there are instances where beginning salaries are reported based on hourly wages and maximum salaries are reported based on annual earnings, and vice versa.
  2. Some part-time personnel do not receive the same fringe benefits as full-time personnel in the same position.
  3. Some personnel in the same position work fewer months than others; the salaries presented are the range for the position, regardless of the months employed.
  4. Several positions include more than one classification, e.g., secretaries I, II, III, etc., are all combined as secretaries. The salaries presented reflect the lowest and highest salaries for the overall position category.
  5. Salaries for a given position in one school district may not be comparable to another school district because the duties and responsibilities assigned to that position may not be identical.
  6. Some school districts have settled on salaries for certain positions but may still be negotiating the salaries for other positions.​

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