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Welcome to the North Chicago School District 187 Independent Authority website. We have constructed this site to keep you informed and to help answer any questions you may have. We will post the meeting schedules and the panel actions from the meetings. You may be able to view reports the Independent Authority has submitted and the School Code legislation which authorizes the Independent.


The ISBE-appointed members of the Independent Authority are:

  • Dora King, Chairperson
  • Evelyn Alexander
  • Dr. Myra Gaytan-Morales
  • Sylvia M. Johnson Jones
  • Dr. Robert Buckley​​

Acting as non-voting members of the Independent Authority and Financial Oversight Panel are:

  • Chief Garrett Master Chief Evans
  • Command Master Chief Robinson​​

The Joint Independent Authority and Financial Oversight Panel meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of the month except for those months that conflict with a national holiday or school break. All regular joint board meetings will be held at North Chicago High School, 1717 17th St., in Studio 187. Open session will be convened at 6:30 p.m. An asterisk indicates a date change due to a conflict with a national holiday, school break, or other.​​​

Note in light of COVID-19, the  North Chicago Independent Authority (IA) and Financial Oversight Panel (FOP) meetings will be conducted by webinar.  To register for a meeting, please click on the drop down arrow for the 2021 meeting of the North Chicago FOP.  Under the meeting date, click on the North Chicago FOP webinar registration link.  You can register before the meeting or at the time of the meeting.  You m​ay register as someone wishing to enter in "listen only" mode or as someone wishing to provide public comment.  You may also designate any Spanish-language translation needs.  

Future needs will determine if future meetings will need to meet in the same manner.  Thank you for your consideration during these times.​


There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

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