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​Retired Educators

Educators who maintain an Illinois educator license in retired status are exempt from professional development and registration fees.

To put a license in retired status, educators must complete two steps on or before August 31 of last year of the five-year renewal cycle in which they retire.

  1. Educators must change their professional development (PD)/employment status in ELIS to retired, beginning with the first full semester following retirement.
  2. Educators must complete and record the amount of professional development required for the number of semesters worked during the renewal cycle in which they retire.

Failure to complete either of the steps above will result in a lapsed license on September 1 following the end of the five-year cycle in which the educator retired.

​New Legislation Regarding Retired Educators

Through December 31, 2017: Any licensee who has retired, and whose license has lapsed for failure to renew, may reinstate that license without penalty by providing proof of retirement from a state retirement system to the State Board of Education through December 31, 2017. Individuals must submit a copy of a letter from a state retirement system (on official agency letterhead) confirming the individual’s retirement. The licensee’s name, IEIN, and date of birth must be included with the letter. Upon verification that the licensee is not working in a position requiring a professional educator license, the educator’s license will be reinstated.

The verification letter will be used in lieu of a $500 penalty fee or 9 semester hours of coursework. Educators will not need to input any owed PD, and will not need to pay back or forward registration fees.

Letters may be emailed to licensureforms@isbe.net ​or mailed to the Illinois State Board of Education at Educator Effectiveness Department​, 100 North First Street, Springfield, IL, 62777.

Beginning January 1, 2018, retired educators who licenses lapse for failure to change their PD/employment status to retired and/or record their required professional development hours by August 31 of the renewal cycle in which they retire may reinstate their licenses by completing and recording all outstanding professional development requirements, paying all back registration fees (if applicable), and meeting the reinstatement requirements in place at the time of reinstatement.

Current Reinstatement Requirements

  1. Compl​ete and record all outstanding professional development,
  2. Pay all applicable back registration fees, and
  3. One of the following:
    • 9 semester hours of college coursework, or
    • Payment of a $500 reinstatement fee. ​​

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