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The list below displays all the rules of the State Board of Education that are currently in effect. The majority of the State Board’s rules can be found in Title 23 of the Illinois Administrative Code; those rules that are exceptions are listed at the end of the chart. The rules are listed by Part number in the order of their appearance within the Illinois Administrative Code as a whole. To see all rules and amendments that are under development at this time, go to "Proposed Rules and Amendments".​

Subchapter a​: Public School Recognition

Subchapter b: Personnel

Subchapter c: Finance

Subchapter d: Construction and Building Maintenance

Subchapter e: Instruction

Subchapter f: Instruction for Specific Student Populations

Subchapter g: Special Courses of Study

Subchapter i: Food Programs

Part Number Title​
School Food ServicePDF Document

Subchapter j: Textbooks and Equipment

Part Number Title​

Subchapter k: School Records

Subchapter l: Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools

Subchapter m: Postsecondary School

Part Number Title​
452 Public University Laboratory SchoolsPDF Document

Subchapter n: Dispute Resolution

Subchapter o: Miscellaneous

State Board Rules Outside Title 23

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