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The Data, Accountability & Assessment Center, under the direction of the Illinois State Board of Education, presents this inventory of contracts to comply with the Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) in accordance with Illinois state law (105 ILCS 85/28 – C and D​).

The State Board is required to update this list, which must be made available to the public, on an annual basis.

"At least once annually, the State Board must publish and maintain on it​s website a list of all of the entities or individuals, including, but not limited to, operators, individual researchers, research organizations, institutions of higher education, or government agencies, that the State Board contracts with or has written agreements with and that hold covered information and a copy of each contract or written agreement."

If you require further assistance accessing these documents or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

For additional information on the data elements covered by these contracts, please see the SIS data elements and ISTAR data elements​.​

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Contract Type: {{item.ContractType}}
Contract Start Date:  {{item.ContractStart}}
Contract Start Date:  N/A
Covered Information:  {{item.CoveredInfo.results.join(", ")}}
Covered Information:  N/A
Purpose/Scope:  {{item.ContractPurpose}}

Use of Covered Information:  {{item.CoveredInfoUse}}
Use of Covered Information:  N/A
Time Information Held:  {{item.TimeHoldCoverInfo}}
Time Information Held:  N/A
Contract Duration:  {{item.Duration}}
Contract Duration:  N/A
Department:  {{item.Depart}}
Department:  N/A
Sub-Contractors Allowed:  {{item.SubContractAllow}}
Sub-Contractors Allowed:  N/A

Sub-Contractors:  {{item.SubContractors}}

Sub-Contractors:  N/A
Remarks:  {{item.Remarks.Description}}
Contract Documents:

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