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ISBE/OSFM All Hazard Preparedness Guide for Illinois Schools

Public Act 094-0600 (105 ILCS 128) School Safety Drill Act, was signed into law August 16, 2005. Its purpose is to have public and private schools review their school safety plans with first responders and to conduct specific school safety drills. Below are links to the PA 094-0600 School Safety Drill Act, Joint Rules adopted by the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Illinois State Board of Education, suggested forms for documenting minimum compliance with the Act and Rules, a School Emergency and Crisis Response Plan Template, and additional multi-hazard training documents.

  1. PA 094-0600 School Safety Drill Act. I. Establishes the minimum requirements and standards for schools to follow when conducting school safety drills and reviewing school emergency and crisis response plans and to encourage schools and first responders to work together for the safety of children. Communities and schools may exceed these requirements and standards.
  2. Title 29 Part 1500 Joint Rules of the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Illinois State Board of Education: School Emergency and Crisis Response Plans.PDF DocumentEstablishes the requirements for the annual review and updating of the protocols and procedures in each school’s emergency and crisis response plan that is required by Section 25 of the School Safety Drill Act [105 ILCS 128/25], including the review of each school’s compliance with the school safety drill requirements established in Section 15 of the Act [105 ILCS 128/15].
  3. Minimum Compliance. Forms and documents for assuring minimum compliance with the Act and Joint Rules
    1. Annual Review ReportWord DocumentSuggested form to document compliance with the requirement of the school board or designee to submit a one-page report upon the conclusion of each school’s annual review to each party that participates in the review and to the appropriate regional superintendent of schools. Private schools are required to submit the same to the Office of the State Fire Marshal. [105 ILCS 128/25 and 105 ILCS 128/30].
    2. Minimum Component Checklist for Annual ReviewWord DocumentSuggested checklist to use prior to and during the School Emergency and Crisis Response Plan Review to guide and document the participants’ review of the minimum components that are required to be reviewed by the Joint Rule.
    3. Drill Scheduling Requirements.Word DocumentA one-page review of dates and first responder participation details.
    4. School Drill Documentation.PDF DocumentSuggested form for documenting the completion of minimum drills.
  4. Sample School Emergency Operations Plan.PDF DocumentA sample plan developed by FEMA for assisting schools in developing or revising School Emergency and Crisis Response Plans. This new guide depicts the latest guidelines for formatting school emergency plans in scope and sequence, including functional and hazard specific annexes. This aligns with the "Guide to Highly Effective School Emergency Operations Plan" published by the combined federal departments of Education, HHS, DHS, FEMA, Justice and the FBI in the summer of 2013. These components are taught in the Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools course.​​​
  5. Additional Multi-Hazard Training Documents Six additional documents from the "Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Illinois Schools" Training Program.
    1. Appendix A: Word DocumentHazard Identification Guidelines
    2. Appendix B: Word DocumentChecklist for Home Preparedness
    3. Appendix C: Word DocumentIncident Response Job Descriptions
    4. Appendix D: Word DocumentPreparedness Job Aids
    5. Appendix E: Word DocumentSample Forms
    6. Appendix F: Word DocumentPlanning for the Psychological Aftermath of School Tragedy
  6. Training Videos. Recommendations and lessons learned.
    1. Tornado Preparedness Video.YouTube Video Link15 minute video showing the need for schools to reconsider their tornado shelter areas in hallways that have exits to the outside. Includes a security surveillance camera video from Joplin school hit by a tornado on May 22, 2011.

Public schools that have questions may contact School Business Services, Illinois State Board of Education, at (217) 785-8779.​​​​

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