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All recipients approved for fiscal year 2020 and 2022 School Maintenance Project Grants are required to submit Quarterly and Final Expenditure Reports.  These reports are available in IWAS.  Note: If your district has not yet started the approved school maintenance project(s) and/or has not expended any funds, please report accordingly by entering $0.00 in the appropriate blank.

 “Quarterly reports are required of all award recipients receiving funds, unless otherwise specified in the program-specific terms.  Quarterly reports must describe the progress of the project or use and the expenditure of the grant funds.  The expenditure through dates are used in reporting quarterly expenditures and obligations from project beginning date through March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 of each fiscal year until the Final Expenditure Report has been submitted. Quarterly Expenditure Reports are required by the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act and are due 20 calendar days after the expenditure through date. Failure to file the required reports within the timelines will result in a breach of the Grant Agreement,” according to the assurances of the grant.

Please follow the instructions found within IWAS to complete the Quarterly Expenditure Report.  Note the following:
  • Quarterly reports must be done even if you have not started any of the work items on the grant.  If work has not begun on a work item, please enter “0” for that work item.
  • Quarterly Expenditure Reports must be completed until the Final Expenditure Report has been completed in IWAS to close out the grant.
  • All work items must be updated every quarter until the work item is 100% completed.
  • A Final Expenditure Report must be completed if all items are marked as 100% complete.  Please follow the instructions to complete the Final Expenditure Report.  

Please contact the School Business Services Department at (217) 785-8779 or SMPG@isbe.net if you need assistance. 

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