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The School Maintenance Project Grant Application process is currently closed.


When a new round for the School Maintenance Project Grant is available, notifications will be sent to all eligible applicants through IWAS. In addition, details about the new round will be included in the Superintendent’s Weekly Message.

Eligible Applicants: All school districts, cooperative high schools Type 40 area vocational centers. For future rounds, Special Education Cooperatives are now eligible to apply.​

Important requirements for Grant recipients in a previously awarded round:

Quarterly expenditure reports:

  • Are required for FY14 Round 1 and Round 2 – Available now in IWAS! The Quarterly reports for these grants will be submitted in IWAS. The quarterly reports are used in reporting expenditures and obligations for each awarded grant. (Under School Maintenance Project Grant Links below, see “Instructions for the Quarterly Expenditure Reports").
  • A Final expenditure report is due within twenty (20) calendar days after final project completion, describing the use of the grant funds and actual project expenditures. If actual project expenditures are less than expected, so that the amount of the grant is greater than 50 percent of the total project expenditures, the applicant shall refund the amount of the grant that is in excess of 50 percent of actual project expenditures including any interest earned on the unexpended portion.
  • All project activities must be expended or legally obligated within two years of disbursement by the State. If funds have been obligated but not fully expended two years after disbursement, ninety (90) calendar days will be given to liquidate all obligations. ​

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