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​​​Special education personnel reimbursement (Section 14-13.01 of the School Code) is intended to provide funding for school districts and special education cooperatives employing the necessary staff to serve children and youth with disabilities, ages 3-21 years old. Staff that are employed for these specialized purposes include teachers, school social workers, school nurses, school psychologists, school counselors, physical and occupational therapists, individual or classroom aides, readers, administrators, and other staff assigned to work in the area of special education. The State reimburses local school districts and special education cooperatives $9,000 per qualified worker as defined in Section 14-1.10 and $3,500 per non-certified staff employed on a full-time basis for the school year, depending on the final reimbursement level.

All special education personnel providing services in accordance with an individualized education program (IEP) are reported for approval throughout the school year. Please refer to the Special Education Personnel Approval ProceduresPDF Document.

Additionally, please review the Special Education Personnel Reimbursement InstructionsPDF Document. In order to claim reimbursement after receiving approval, districts and special education cooperatives must transmit Special Education Personnel Reimbursement by August 15 each year. The Special Education Home/Hospital Work SheetPDF Document is utilized by each district or cooperative to record data necessary for claiming reimbursement for home or hospital instruction for pupils. A replacement file is required to be transmitted electronically in early November each year to correct any errors or add any approved personnel not submitted on the August 15 claim. Errors discovered after the early November data transmission may be amended in writing to ISBE through November 30. Corrections are not allowed after November 30. Special Education Personnel Reimbursement Calculation Sheets will be transmitted electronically to Site Administrators and to the Directors of Special Education in January of each year or when the final reimbursement level is determined. The Site Administrators are responsible for forwarding a copy to the individual districts.

Staff whose salaries are paid in part or in whole with Medicaid funds may be claimed for reimbursement. The salaries must be entered in the appropriate local funds field on Special Education Personnel Reimbursement. These employees must be approved with an ID Code of 1 or 3 through the special education personnel approval process prior to being claimed.​
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