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ISBE does not collect or maintain student records from closed public or nonpublic (private) schools, with the exception of the four closed nonpublic schools listed below. We are unable to provide copies of student records from any other closed public or private school. Please see the following categories for more information.​

 For Public School Records

Contact the school or school district from which you graduated to request a copy of your student records. You can use the Public School District Lookup page to help find your district and its webpage with contact information.

 For Nonpublic (Private) School Records

Unlike public schools, nonpublic schools in Illinois are not required to keep student records when they close. If the nonpublic school you graduated from is now closed, it may be impossible to obtain a copy of your transcript or records. If you are unable to contact the administrator of the closed school, try the following:

  • Think back to any college, job, training program, etc. that you have applied to. If you supplied a copy of your high school transcript with your application, you may be able to contact that entity and get a copy.
  • If your nonpublic school was part of a church, mosque, synagogue, etc., then try contacting that organization to see if it has a copy of your records.
  • If your school was part of one of the six Catholic dioceses, contact the appropriate diocese to see if it has a copy of your record.
  • If you graduated from Lutheran High School South or Lutheran North College Prep, you may be able to obtain the records from Walther Christian Academy. Please contact that school directly at 708-344-0404.
  • If you graduated from one of the following four schools, please email to see if we have a copy of your records:
    • Central YMCA
    • Cosmopolitan Preparatory High School (only records before 1981)
    • St. James Academy
    • Western Military Academy

 For Alternative School Records

The term “alternative school" can be used to refer to multiple types of schools and programs, including public and nonpublic schools as well as GED programs. If you were attending a public school district that transferred you to an alternative school, please follow the instructions above to see if the district has your records.

If the alternative school you attended was not connected to a public school district, then it was likely a nonpublic school. Please see the instructions above for nonpublic schools.

 For GED Programs

​Please contact the Illinois Community College Board.

 For Private Business and Vocational Schools

Please contact the Illinois Board of Higher Education.​​

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