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The Illinois Teacher Salary Study is conducted annually. Pursuant to Section 2-3.103 of the Illinois School Code, this publication contains information on teacher salary policies, salaries paid, and fringe benefits. All data contained in this report were provided by districts through the Teacher Salary Study survey.

Data from the Employment Information System (EIS) are not included in this report.

Questions or comments about this report may be directed to the Data Strategies and Analytics Department ​at 312-​814-9192​.​

Year Data File
Data File 2​​023-2024Excel Document
Data File 2​​022-2023Excel Document
Data File 2​​021-2022Excel Document
Data File 2​​020-2021​Excel Document
Data File 2​​019-2020​Excel Document
Data File 2018-2019​Excel Document
Data File 2017-2018​Excel Document
Data File 2016-2017​Excel Document
Data File 2015-2016Excel Document
Data File 2014-2015Excel Document
2013-2014 Data File 2013-2014Excel Document
Data File 2012-2013Excel Document
Data File 2011-2012Excel Document
Data File 2010-2011Excel Document​​​​

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