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Original Equalized Assessment Valuations or EAV amounts of school district property are reported annually by the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR). There are four categories of changes to those original reported values that can alter EAV amounts. IDOR reports Enterprise Zone Abatements, General Authority Abatements and Property Tax Appeals Board decisions to ISBE. Districts directly report Certificates of Error to ISBE for the most current tax year and six prior years. That is accomplished by completing the forms listed on this page in cooperation with County Clerks.

This page provides information about the four types of EAV change, historical information about prior EAV change amounts and user tools that explain how abatements are calculated.​

 Certificates of Error

When a factual assessment error is discovered, the Chief County Assessment Office or Board of Review issues a certificate of error. When the total of those certificates exceeds the prior year submission and exceeds the threshold of $250,000, districts may report this change in equalized assessed valuation to the Illinois State Board of Education via Forms 54-38, 54-39 and 50-60.

 Property Tax Appeal Board Abatements (PTAB)

Property Tax Appeal Board Adjustments, per 35 ILCS 16-15, are the annual compilation of final adjustments made during the preceding calendar year by the State Property Tax Appeal Board to the aggregate assessed value of a school district for which such adjustments exceed $250,000 or 2% of the aggregate assessed value of the school district. PTAB Adjustments are submitted to IDOR for the most recent tax year and for up to six prior years via form PTAX-610.

 General Authority Abatements

General authority abatements are reductions in taxes collected by a taxing district for the purposes listed in statute, 35 ILCS 200/18-165. County clerks report these abatements to the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) via form PTAX-255-TA.

 Enterprise Zone Abatement

Enterprise zone abatements are reductions in taxes collected on property located within an Enterprise Zone created pursuant to 35 ILCS 18-170. The property in the zone will feature new improvements or existing improvements that have been renovated or rehabilitated. County clerks report these abatements to the IDOR via form PTAX-255-EZA.

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