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On August 31, 2017, the Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success Act, or Public Act 100-0465 PDF Document became law.  Five previous grant programs are combined into a single grant program and distributed as evidence-based funding. Those grant programs are General State Aid, Special Education – Personnel, Special Education – Funding for Children Requiring Special Education Services, Special Education – Summer School and English Learner Education.

In fiscal year 2021, per Public Act 101-0637, no new tier funding will be provided. All organizational units and specially funded units will receive their Base Funding Minimum which is equal to their FY 2020 EBF gross distribution. The FY 2021 Base Funding Minimum is equal to the FY 2020 Base Funding Minimum, FY 2020 Tier Funding, and FY 2020 Property Tax Relief Grant (for applicable districts).

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