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The goal of this new system is to ensure all new Illinois teachers are learner-ready on day one in the classroom, and data is used as a tool for accountability, continuous improvement and transparency to strengthen teacher preparation statewide in the long term.

These goals align with the State Board of Education’s goal that Illinois’ diverse student population will have educators who are prepared through multiple pathways. ISBE’s vision for a robust data collection effort was driven by the need for a better approach to the current process This new system provides a critical connection between the state and teacher preparation programs to facilitate program improvement and provide valuable information to programs, prospective teachers, potential employers, and the general public.

The system was developed to be fair, clear and supported based on the three principles:

  1. Fairly measures program performance and provides metrics and program context so that it is not biased against programs based on demographics.
  2. Clearly indicates program performance in a way that is understandable to program staff, P​K-12 educators, prospective candidates and the public.
  3. Provides equitable supports to programs based on their context.​​​

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Illinois Educator Preparation Profiles​​​​​​​​​​​

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