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Below is a screenshot of an educator’s ELIS credentials page. There is a section for licenses, endorsements, approvals, and previous qualifications; administrators should look for specific credentials under each applicable section. Previous qualifications that are not yet listed should be evaluated and added by your regional office of education or intermediate service center.​

Click the link below to login to ELIS and view a specific educator’s licensure credentials.​​

ELIS Educator's credentials page

ELIS Screenshot​​​​
  • Primary Information box: The blue box on the top left provides the educator’s name, IEIN, and any former names associated with the individual.
  • Contact Information box: The green box in the top center lists the contact information provided by the educator, including their mailing address, email address(es), and phone number(s)
  • Profile box: The orange box on the top right provides the PD or employment status of the educator. For a list of PD and employment statuses, check out Page 3 of the "How to Update Your PD/Employment Status" guide​PDF Document.​​
  • Applications: This section lists any applications the educator has submitted for licensure in their ELIS account. You will find the status of a particular application here as well. Application statuses include Open, meaning the application has been submitted and is pending review, Deficient, the application has been reviewed and additional information is needed, and Closed, the application has been reviewed and finalized.
  • Licenses: This section lists all educator licenses associated with the educator, along with the status of each license and the issued and expiry dates. Check out our License Status page for more information on what each status means. By clicking Select next to the license, ELIS will display any endorsements associated with that particular license.
  • Approved Program/Endorsements For Selected Licenses: This is where all endorsements for the selected license will display. Listed with each endorsement is the description of the endorsement, the endorsement code, the grade range, the status, and the issued date.
  • Approvals: This section lists all Approvals the educator has applied for. Documented approval information includes the approval code, area of endorsement, grade range, status, and approval granted and end dates. If this section is missing from an educator’s ELIS account, that educator has never applied for an Approval in their ELIS account.
  • Previous Qualification: This section will be present if the educator has been granted a previous qualification by their local Regional Office of Education (ROE) or Intermediate Service Center (ISC). The area of endorsement, grade range, status, issued date, and ROE or ISC who granted the Previous Qualification are listed.
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