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ISBE Weekly Newsletter Item Request Form

Our one-stop-shop to communicate with superintendents. Sent every Tuesday afternoon. Submissions are due by noon on Monday. In order to keep the information fresh, items appear for two weeks. In general, professional development events and instructional resources should be free and/or hosted by a nonprofit organization with offerings aligned to state standards and initiatives. If you have any questions, email

Thank you for submitting your materials for the ISBE Weekly Message. We will reach out to you if we need to collect additional information.

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The Weekly Message is distributed every Tuesday (schedule may be affected by state holidays). All submissions for the Weekly Message are due by noon the Monday prior to publication. Please indicate the week in which you would like your Item(s) to be included. Items will appear for two weeks unless indicated otherwise. Whether or not an Item runs longer will depend upon the length of the Weekly Message.

Images (photos/logos/graphics/flyers/documents - high resolution, preferably):

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