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Information of Person Providing Testimony

All fields are required in order to proceed to the next section. After the contact information has been completed, click "Add Program Request" to enter information regarding the funding request. You must click "Add Program Request" for each additional funding request.

Please select one of the boxes to indicate which budget hearing you intend to speak or select the last option if you do not want to speak but want to submit a written funding request.

Select a program name. If you do not see the program, please select "Other - New" and provide a description of the program. Once this program request is completed, click "Save." To add additional programs, click "Add Program Request." Otherwise, proceed to submit.

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In detail, please describe how the funding, if received, will be utilized to fund programming that meets the unique needs of your community and supports academic and/or social development. Please describe the program delivery approach and any data to indicate the demand for the program and/or unserved populations. Note any other program delivery changes that would be realized with additional funding (Would reimbursement rates change? Would additional districts/students be served? Does quality improve? Does this address backlogs/waitlists for services? etc.)

Please provide outcome data that demonstrates the impact of the program. If funding has been received in a prior year, please include metrics or any quantitative data for the prior year and the same data for your FY 2023 budget request. Please provide narrative to explain the comparison between the prior year results and the expected outcomes in FY 2023.

The State Board has adopted a Strategic Plan to serve as a roadmap for Illinois public schools. The plan is built around three overarching goals, all underpinned by equity: student learning, learning conditions, and elevating educators. View the Strategic Plan.

Goal 1 - Student Learning: Every child will make significant academic gains each year, increasing their knowledge, skills, and opportunities so they graduate equipped to pursue a successful future, with the state paying special attention to addressing historic inequities.

Goal 2 - Learning Conditions: All districts and schools will receive the resources necessary to create safe, healthy, and welcoming learning environments, and will be equipped to meet the unique academic and social and emotional needs of each and every student.

Goal 3 - Elevating Educators: Illinois' diverse student population will have educators who are prepared through multiple pathways and are supported in and celebrated for their efforts to provide each and every child an education that meets their needs.

Please specify how your funding request directly contributes to the following State Board goal(s). Include specific metrics you plan to use to track the outcome and provide the estimated numeric impact in FY 2023 that would result from the funding.

Program(s) for Which Funding is Requested:

Please review the program information you have saved. You may select "Edit" or "Delete" to change program information or remove a program. If you select "Edit," the user must click the "Save" button in order to save any changes. If you select "Close" before you select "Save," then your edits will not be saved.

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Speaking Group

Speakers at each hearing will be grouped by the same or similar program requests. If you are testifying about more than one funding request, please select from the drop-down menu which program grouping you would like to join for your testimony.


Individuals may also submit additional information to advocate for their funding requests by emailing materials to ISBEFY23@isbe.net. Please be sure to include the reference number that is displayed once the information is submitted. This email address should only be used to submit supplemental materials. ISBE will only accept funding requests that were submitted using the online form.

  Once all information has been entered, the please check this box and then click the "Submit" button. Information cannot be changed after clicking the "Submit" button.

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