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In 2019, ISBE partnered with external stakeholders to begin developing a new professional development system, PD+, for educators and professional development providers. PD+ will be an interactive system that will house information about available professional development for Illinois educators and professional development providers. ISBE is currently in the process of building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the system. The external stakeholder group is providing valuable feedback on the functionality of the system. Please view this webpage for updates regarding the progress and features of the system. Once PD+ is live and ready for use, ISBE will be sending further communication and information. ​

 About PD+

  • ​​PD+ Fact Sheet​​​PDF Document
  • About PD+​​PDF Document
  • ​​Due to the complexity of PD+, the system is being completed in phases. There will be a total of five phases with a tentative completion date of 2025. You may see the current progress on the system in the table on the bottom of this page.​​​
  • PD+ Promotional Video​Vimeo Video Link

 PD+ Pilot Group Stakeholders

The PD+ pilot group partnered with ISBE in September of 2020 to begin the development of PD+. ISBE included stakeholders who offer professional development on a regular basis to Illinois educators. The purpose of the pilot group is to provide valuable feedback on the functionality of the system. The pilot group concluded its review of the MVP in June 2021.  Currently, a group of educators, districts, regional offices of education, universities, and professional development providers are testing the MVP and providing their feedback to ISBE.​

 Early Implementation Volunteers

To ensure the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in PD+ is user-friendly and productive, ISBE has created a voluntary group of stakeholders composed of educators, Regional Offices of Education, school districts, and professional development providers. The Early Implementation Group will test the MVP and provide any necessary feedback and suggestions for changes to ISBE. Once the Early Implementation Group has completed its testing and the necessary updates have been made, ISBE will release the MVP into production.

The table below demonstrates the current work on PD+. As ISBE progresses through the five total phases, the table will be updated to reveal the next steps of the project. Use this table to follow along with the progress and features of PD+.

Note: The phases, features, and timelines are subject to change.

Phase User Features for the Educator User Features for the Professional Development Provider Goal Timeline to Begin Phase Phase Completed (Yes/No)
Phase I: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Educator landing page
  • Search and register for activities by specific search filters
  • Completion of the 77-21A evaluation form
  • Provider landing page
  • Create new activities
  • Track registration and create attendance rosters
  • Enter and track attendance data
  • Generate required PD forms
Currently working on MVP No
Phase II
  • Integration of IAAMS
  • Integration of IAAMS
Summer/Fall 2021 No
Phase III
  • Attendance sign-in/sign out features
  • Additional search filter categories
  • Document repository
  • Bulk/batch upload of attendance
  • Ability to mark activities as required
  • Ability to designate AA's as evaluator training or re-training
  • Activity reminders via text or email
Winter/Spring 2022 No
Phase IV
  • Progress towards PD requirements
  • Add activities to personal calendar options
  • Ability to provide written feedback to a provider
  • Application process for new providers
  • Customize course surveys
  • Review ratings
Summer/Fall 2022 No
Phase V
  • Mobile app
  • Receiving notifications about activities
  • Microcredentials
  • Customizable rosters
Winter/Spring 2023 or later

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