For Immediate Release
Monday, May 17, 2021

State Board of Education and Teach.Org launch “The Future Depends on Teachers:” A PSA for K-12 Schools

SPRINGFIELD —The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), in partnership with TEACH, today announced a new PSA campaign for K-12 public schools. The campaign, titled “The Future Depends on Teachers,” celebrates the role teachers play in shaping our future and invites people to explore teaching at a time when they are needed more than ever.
“The Future Depends on Teachers” will air on TV and radio to inspire young people to explore the profession, celebrate the hard work of current teachers, and elevate the teaching profession among the general public. The spots communicate teachers’ impact not only on students, but on our broader society. The spots end with a call for viewers to explore teaching and leave a legacy they can be proud of. 
"I started as a teacher 38 years ago,” said State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carmen I. Ayala. “Today, I could not imagine a more purposeful and rewarding career. Governor Pritzker has made Illinois schools the top priority, working with the General Assembly to revamp our funding formula to be more equitable and adopting legislation to boost teacher salaries. If you're ready to make a positive difference in the lives of young people, and truly change the world, come join our team of educators in Illinois. We hope this PSA helps our next generation of great educators realize their calling. Sometimes all it takes is a few words of encouragement and a nudge to set someone on the path to becoming a teacher.”  
This PSA builds on ISBE’s work to strengthen the teacher pipeline. ISBE had dedicated $3.5 million to Education Career Pathways Grants to give current high school students a head start on teacher preparation through opportunities for hands-on learning, dual credit, credentials, and mentorship. In December, ISBE released the Illinois Educator Preparation Profile -- an interactive report that provides a holistic view of all approved educator preparation programs within colleges and universities in Illinois and can help prospective educators find the right program for their needs.
Illinois schools were looking to hire more than 1,700 additional teachers as of October 1, 2020, according to an annual survey conducted by ISBE. Adding to the already high demand for teachers, Public Act 101-0654 expands access to computer science courses; world language courses; and advanced coursework, such as dual credit, Advanced Placement, gifted programs, and International Baccalaureate, which means an increased demand for licensed educators in those areas.
Viewers who visit will find information about teacher licensure, teacher preparation programs, and what it’s like to teach in Illinois. 
PSA Script:
The future depends on teachers. Every day teachers are shaping our tomorrow's, starting their students on journeys that will change the course of history. Right now, in a classroom somewhere in the United States, there's a teacher inspiring a future scientist who will make preventing pandemics their life’s work. Sharpening the mind of an aspiring environmentalist, who will help combat climate change. And generating possibilities for a student who will become the first in their family to graduate college. It all starts with teachers who meet challenges with creativity, who reinvent education for the future, who work towards a school system that lifts up every child, regardless of race, income, or zip code, and who enables the full potential of our students, our communities and our country. Explore a career that leaves a legacy you can be proud of. Shape the future: Teach.
The Illinois State Board of Education is the State Education Agency for Illinois. Our mission is to provide each and every child with safe and healthy learning conditions, great educators, and equitable opportunities by practicing data-informed stewardship of resources and policy development, all done in partnership with educators, families, and stakeholders.
TEACH is a nonprofit founded by the U.S. Department of Education. Its mission is to elevate the image of the teaching profession; reduce the teacher shortage, especially in hard-to-staff subjects; and improve the quality and diversity of the new teacher supply. The website at​ is a one-stop shop of free, valuable tools and resources to help anyone who is considering becoming a teacher. “The Future Depends on Teachers” is one part of a long-term multi-phase recruitment initiative to diversify the teaching profession and address our nation’s teacher shortage.