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​ISBE is committed to equity – in our agency, in our board, in our school districts and classrooms. As we state in our Strategic Plan, “Illinois has an urgent and collective responsibility to achieve educational equity by ensuring that all policies, programs, and practices affirm the strengths that each and every child brings within their diverse backgrounds and life experiences, and by delivering the comprehensive supports, programs, and educational opportunities they need to succeed.”

Above all, the Strategic Plan offers this concise definition of these goals: “Equity means having high expectations for every learner and providing supports and resources so each learner can meet those expectations.”
The Plan recognizes that, to reach those goals, we will need both internal and external tools. Therefore, we have developed an equity impact analysis tool for agency staff to use to guide all decisions and communications, as well as a data-driven Equity Journey Continuum that each Illinois school district will use to support their equity journey.

 Equity Resources

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 Equity Impact Analysis Tool (EIAT)

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 Equity Journey Continuum (EJC)

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 Internal ISBE Book Study

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