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​The KIDS Coaching and Training Project staff (KIDS coaches) offer individualized classroom teacher and team support that builds on strengths and facilitates high quality practice through on-site visits, on-going communication and reflective and embedded professional learning opportunities.  In addition, educators can find professional learning opportunities on a range of topics relating to KIDS. 

SY 2023 KIDS Required Implementation Training

Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) required implementation training will be available to teachers through a virtual self-guided training format.    Those who need to have access to the training should email with the subject line:  KIDS required training request.   

The request for access to the training can only be made by the person who needs to complete it to gain access to KIDStech.  The requestor will receive an email from Terri Lamb with the link to the training and instructions on what needs to be completed.   The email will include links to the KIDS User Guide and Instrument tool, the KIDS webpage, and the Microsoft form that must be completed. 

After the requester has viewed the webinar and completed the required documentation form, the training will appear on his/her ELIS account within five to 10 days.  Professional development credit will be issued after the form has been submitted.  

In preparation for the training, the kindergarten teacher will need to download the KIDS’ User Guide and Instrument toolPDF Document. The tool will be referenced throughout the training.   The KIDS webpage will also be referenced during the training as it has useful information for the teacher to utilize in their classroom.   

The Early Childhood Department sent out a message recently stating that presentations and webinars pertaining to instruction in the administration of KIDS are available to districts to support kindergarten teachers and administrators in their efforts. Links to those presentations and webinars can be found on the KIDS: Professional Development & Coaching webpage​. The department is working to have a vendor in place to provide materials that support classroom educators as they work to increase students’ readiness for school.

 Professional Learning Opportunities

Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) is an observational tool designed to help teachers, administrators, families and policymakers better understand the developmental readiness of children entering kindergarten. Below is a calendar of professional learning opportunities for those who administer KIDS or who are interested in knowing more about it. Check back periodically for updates. If you are interested in a KIDS training but are unable to find a session near you, please contact Michelle Escapa at 217-652-4276 or​.​

 Presentations & Webinars

  • ​KIDS On-Demand Sessions - Access pre-recorded webinars on specific topics below:
    • Accessing Reports in KIDStech (Tutorial)
      This webinar provides an overview of available reports and step-by-step directions on accessing reports for individual students or groups of students in KIDStech.​
    • ​Social Emotional Learning Life Skills NOT Lesson Plans
      From practical, hands-on activities to embracing a holistic SEL framework, this session makes social and emotional learning the foundation for promoting positive student outcomes. Participants will understand how a comprehensive, equity-based SEL approach aligns to the SEL Framework competencies, the Illinois Social/Emotional Learning Standards, and KIDS Measures.
    • ​KIDS Refresher
      If you have previously attended the required KIDS Implementation Training or it has been a while since implementing the tool due to a grade level change then this refresher is for you. This session is a review of implementing the KIDS tool focusing on the developmental continuums, importance of observing and documenting and how to access KIDStech reports. 
    • KIDStech Tutorial:  Entering Ratings
      Learn how to enter ratings in KIDStech​PDF Document. This webinar walks you through how to enter ratings on the 14 State Readiness Measures and more. Step-by-step directions are given on how to access the instrument view or rating record view. Instructions are provided on how to ensure all student ratings are entered and locked. 
    • Observing and Documenting: Anytime, Anyplace
      This session will focus on refining observation skills and documenting evidence-- in any setting-- to support and inform instruction. We’ll review best practices in collecting evidence that can work for your learning plan. Tune in to learn strategies on collecting descriptive and rich documentation.
  • KIDS Overview webinar (8​/23/2017)
  • KIDS Second Year Results: An Overview for Administrators (4/4/2019)

 KIDS Coaching

KIDS coaches provide tailored, on-site support to Kindergarten Teachers and Administrators across the state. Districts, schools and individuals can request FREE support by reaching out to their assigned, regional KIDS coach or the KIDS coach may initiate the first contact, based on information from data or the field. Learn more about available Learning Opportunities with KIDS Coaches through the Learning Opportunities link below. You can also find your KIDS coach and contact information by using the KIDS Coaching Interactive Map (below). For questions about Coaching, please send an inquiry to Michelle Escapa at 217-652-4276 or​.

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